Psychoreaver M10?

This is the experience why I hade BL games nowadays. Utterly terrible boss fight experience. I just walk around shoot with my strongest weapons for 20+ minutes? Then for some reason I insta diead lol (but he didn’t even hit me).

The mechanics are terrible. The Health Pool is insane. It is a 1/10 borderlands experience, that is not what I want.
Remember the good old bl/bl2 boss fights? When you had to move to cover, in certain times, move around a bit (well not much skill required there either though), they did different moves and such? Hell even standard BL3 bosses are Okayish, not too bad. But these DLC bosses are topping the terrible chart for sure. Obviously no one cares but MAYBE just MAYBE… A gamer can hope… and hope dies last…

But that’s how it is in Psychoreaver fight. Yes he has big health, but with right gear can be dead in seconds.

What is the right gear? I tried to use Amara with Melee gear, also tried to use strong fire based damage, it just barely scratching him. Watched a video on youtube but its irrevelant its form 2020, and the comments said that combo doesn’t work anymore. So yeah, I’m sure you’re right when it came out it was few seconds/minutes, but it might not be valid now.

Now it’s even easier than when DLC4 was added due to more powerful items

2:16 for Psychoreaver

No Pew Pew and a Pearl of Ineffible Knowledge (PoIK) is one way to go.
A Butcher and a Pearl is another.
Either of those two and a Brand-Matching Company Man from Hemovorous is a good option, but I’m guessing the Hemovorous fight is more of a chore than Psychoreaver at Mayhem 10. Thing is, those relics don’t have Mayhem levels so you can go into that fight with M10 gear to farm them against non-mayhem Hemovorous.

The Lightshow and Flipper are a favorite of some people with the PoIK relic as well, but I found the Rebound to be one of the best weapons for that fight with a PoIK relic, but of course it drops from Psychoreaver. The Sawpenny is the quest reward version, and it works fairly well as a replacement.

Thanks I’ll check this out.

Zane Clone & Drone with a Fire or Rad Sandhawk in the clone’s hands (ammo regen for the anointment) also works on the Psychoreaver.

I get through the first phase pretty quickly with the Clone, Re-Volter, It’s Piss, and Soul Render.
Second phase I go straight for Drone, MNTIS, Hustler, x2 Amp Infernal Wish, and Complex Root.