Psyco and accuracy: does it effect self inflicted damage?

as the above name states, does accuracy effect the amount of times krieg hits himself in the head, like say 7 times in a row? essentially making his action skill useless at op8?

No. It is RNG based, purely random.

right on thanks vinter, guess ill stick with the commando again.


It would be very funny to have him hit himself… and miss! :laughing: Not sure which is more humiliating. Hitting yourself or being completely incompetent.



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LOL I’d muted this by mistake so missed this :smiley:

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That’s not true, man. Buzz Axe Rampage is an awesome Action Skill and Melee Krieg is extremely viable at OP8, i’ve proven it by wiping out OP8 Pete with Melee and white gear only and a plenty of people in the forums will tell you the exact same thing.

If you have problems with Silence the Voices, just Health stack. Rough Rider + skills and Health Relics will make you go up to 3,1 million health.
And if you have the Unofficial Community Patch, then you can go Hellborn-Mania and just laugh at RNGs trying to kill you.