PT 2.5 and Mission Difficulty

I assumed everything would be “Normal,” with the game matching player levels on the fly.

Stepping out of Fyrestone, I met new classes of Skagg, which made me think the whole 2.5 thing was working and I would be able to enjoy play without being under or over-leveled.

And then I went to Jacob’s Cove. Every mission in labeled “Tough” and one level above my current level. Maybe that’s normal . . . . Went back to Fyrestone, to check how things looked there, and every mission on the bulletin board was “Trivial” and far below my current level—walking out of town, enemies appear to be right around my level, however.

I didn’t do a single side mission during PT 2, because I wanted to enjoy them during 2.5. Are they going to suck? And should I rethink playing Jacob’s Cove for now? Will player level continue to be a problem for the other DLCs?

Thanks for setting me straight!

The pt 2.5 term is only applied to the enemies and loot they drop but not the missions unfortunately.