PTA: RAM problems are weird

Public Troubleshooting Announcement:

Have been playing BL3 since release with mostly no crashes (sort missions by region = CTD, haven’t checked since update). Anyhow…

Played nearly all of last weekend & early Mon morning. Then after bfast I went in & the menu hung & had to force quit. I relaunched & got a lock up with error box… this continued even after I verified, reinstalled & even reset Windows* after backing up my files.

The kicker was, on my last Windows full reset I got a weird stop code & it was either faulty RAM or malware. Since I knew no malware I ran some memory tests & showed me, um nothing. So into the BIOS I go & first thing I notice is my DDR4 3000 RAM is running at 2667. So I manually set it to 3000 & now can’t even get to the Windows desktop before weird stuff happens.

So back into BIOS & under-clock the RAM to 2400 and… been playing just fine with zero crashes.

*My wife’s PC which is identical was working fine, so I figured must be Win10

TL;DR: Weird crashes can be caused by “degraded” memory, not just bad memory <- never rule it out & try under-clocking RAM

This sounds strange.

Do some load/stress testing of your PC with Prime95. Check if voltage of your RAM is correct. This is not windows issue - this is purely hardware issue that is showing up with different loads of the components… also never buy ■■■■■■ PSU.

Thanks for your input.

Just yesterday I installed the replacement RAM provided by the MFG. This new RAM is “A-XMP” compliant and I set my BIOS to OC it a tiny bit to 3066. I played Borderlands for several hours without incident.