Public Games Launching with One Player

I’m getting this a fair bit…

If I want to solo something then I’ll que solo.

The game should never be initiating a public game without at least two or three people. I say three because then if you lose one you can still get through it.

At the very least there should be an option to set the minimum players before the game will start.

Waiting less than a minute for other people then launching is not OK.

It auto scales difficulty when you lose someone.

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Scaling isn’t the problem, I’ve got over 400 hours into public Story mode and have had this happen many times.
You are attempting to join any public game and you see the server trying, waiting, then it just starts with you.
Public game created just for you. (Insert some clever 2016 term for that here)



hehe…Fixed it. :wink:

Haha nice, yea for me the issue isn’t so much difficulty, sometimes I want to try a new hero or one that isn’t all that fun to solo with.

It just shouldn’t create a game if there aren’t enough people. Otherwise you’re launching a public PvE game, but getting a solo mission. Totally different things.

At least if someone joins and THEN leaves/dcs there’s justification for the game launching.