Public Patch Preview Game Nights /\/\

I have to put it out there. We need to get some good public patch preview games going. Basically, we need to play and play hard. We have a solid little forum community here with some great ideas, so let’s play.

Several of us will have time this weekend to start it off. We’ll be on Friday and Saturday night starting from 7pm to 8pm US EST through the evening.

This is an open call to just want to have fun. Come chill and lets get our ideas in the open and create some great discourse.

@Cloaked @CryCoh @mazerguru @maxL_1023 @Fil_zp @maelrizzo @jake5 @Alpha_1 @Kadeshi @GhostRider1

We’ll be congregating around the teamspeak server several of us frequent. Don’t have a mic, be that guy and lurk, you lurker.

We are going to try to do this every weekend.

Teamspeak address:



Testing, testing. 1,2,3…

This is an open call to everyone interested in having fun and testing out the changes currently implemented.

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I will be on now and again - will download the patch preview and see who is on.

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Awesome dude. I’ll definitely be there with several others.

I will be around evening European time.

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Quick tutorial for future reference for those who haven’t gotten the preview patch.

  1. open steam
  2. go to library
  3. right click on homeworld
  4. click on properties
  5. click under the beta tab
  6. enter ilovehomeworld
  7. let the preview download
  8. no really, let it download
  9. open Homeworld Remastered Public Patch Preview in your library
  10. get on teamspeak
  11. Connect to server

It’s been a pretty good turn out tonight. The patch has been getting some positive ok reviews so far.

Still going…some in TS, some are in hwr chat lobby.

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Damn! That was a lot of fun! What a great turn out of players.

I’ll be on again tonight to get some more games going. I hope to see more on tonight!



Could someone stream the games maybe? So others see/hear what’s going on with the patch…

Damn, I don’t know why nobody thought of that. I’ll either stream or record and then post here.

We were playing last night as well! I gotta say, it’s been a lot of fun, especially after a long week of work.


Why not both, since twitch allows it… :smiley: Thanks.

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Definitely going to try to get some games going again this Friday and Saturday evening US EST!

I hope those that were not able to make it last weekend will be able to this weekend!



I’m a little short on time, moving to a new place, but I might be able to join on the weekend

Sounds like you’ve been moving for 3 months now.

Great turn out tonight. Still going.

Looking forward to more tonight!



Looks like it’s been an early start today. People are here and gaming…or not…whatever works!

Join up if you are looking to have some fun. :dagger:

Great time last couple of days guys! Yesterday was fun.

We meet new peoples, great games, great conversations! It’s almost like the good old days!

I’m already looking forward to next weekend. :timer:


Thanks for getting the game nights going raynernycz!

I uploaded 3 of the games from Friday night on youtube, I was playing hw1 all weekend: