Public players appreciation

Player since day 1. Mostly play open and generally join public games. In the recent months I’ve noticed a lot more people in public coop and have made few good friends. Wanted to do an appreciation post for those of you who also play open and are friendly to other players. You guys/gals are awesome and are large part of what makes this game (and series overall) fun.


Day 1 player here too. I used to run open lobbies all the time when this game was in its early stages. Met a ton of cool people doing so, and had lots of fun.

I stopped playing/hosting open lobbies when M6/M10 dropped. The sh*tty modifier system made me not wanna play MP in general. I played a set of modifiers that I never changed per character, and when joining a lobby, you never knew what the modifiers would be. Goes the other way around too, people joining might have not liked the modifiers I was playing. So I stopped playing MP altogether really. Wich was a shame really, cause this game is way more fun with more peeps.

That being said, since we now have M11, I might get back into it.

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Can’t run open any more because I have rules and there is no way to name your game so people know. Only thing that is still enjoyable is normal mode play pre mayhem if you insist on no anoints

Modded weapons ruined online for me back when I played a lot. Literally every game I joined or someone joined me they were using weapons that killed everything in 1 hit.

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Yeah, this was a big issue for me as well. The last time I tried matchmaking I was pleasantly surprised, roughly 1/4 lobbies was a mod fest. This was on XB1, can’t really speak for the other platforms.

I’ve met many ■■■■■■■■ online but also some nice people. The ratio was probably 70/30, which is the reason why I disabled randoms to join my party. I rather play with friends because they are not ■■■■■■■■ like most randoms.

From my experience americans, aussies and brits are usually the best to play with. Russians and mexicans are terrible. They don’t even greet you when they join your game. You can’t communicate with them because they don’t understand ■■■■. They just join your party and run through the map leaving you behind. You’re not halfway through the map and cut scenes are already starting, they ignored all enemies and killed the boss without you. ■■■■■■■. The only reason they join is because better loot drops when you play coop. Zero social interaction or anything like that. I rather play alone than with randoms like that.

I have had one very good interaction with a random player I joined but unfortunately BL3’s matchmaking is a significantly worse experience than BL2’s so taking 30 minutes to find a lobby just for it to be someone with modded gear means I rarely look for games anymore. Just another way that BL3 manages to not live up to its predecessors unfortunately.


One thing I took for granted playing in a public lobby was that even with cooperative on, my low level normal mode character I was leveling up would have to deal with some higher level character’s Mayhem Modifiers. It also seems that loot instancing doesn’t always work as many an empty loot chest greeted me as I ran side missions with someone.

Another odd quirk for this game is that by joining someone else’s game further along than mine, it complete the missions in my game before I even unlocked those maps.

Because of that I have been skittish about playing with strangers again while on Normal Mode. TVHM at least can be reset.