Publicly Acknowledge GG

I have played this game for hundreds of hours and I have never run into a dev… until tonight. I would like to also say this was one of the best matches I have been a part of. Thanks for a great game and match.

Also note that KU’s scoring is off by a bit.


oh I’ve run into that guy quite a few times. most notably that time he went Benedict on paradise and I got stuck with a character i didn’t know what i was doing with for lore reasons (toby. still not done his lore). anyway we got steamrolled. but what can you do.

My goal was to kill him and taunt him, but that Ambra either saved his life each time or knocked me away. We were trailing most of the match, by about 100, and the turning point was when Orendi got her third legendary. But It was really refreshing going up against a good ED. ED’s have been struggling since the nerf and I don’t usually see a good player choosing him. This was a great match and one of the best I have every played (not personally, but in)

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I know the type of game. The fun type. The type where both teams can easily say gg without feeling sour. If only good match ups were more common, but for some reason it seems like most of the OG “good” players have left. And new people have filled their place. Which is not bad, but my team reps them every time and it’s not fun for either of us. And I don’t five man just for Kd and stats, I five man because I have a lot of friends I want to hang out with. But I digress.

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I played against a dev on Battleborn day, and I did just that. He was Kelvin and we all targeted him. Unfortunately we lost, but I got first blood and taunted, and I think we all had a round of taunting the dev so it was worth it :slight_smile: We probably lost because we wanted to taunt the dev rather than win the game, it was very toxic in hindsight (although his team tried to spawn camp us so meh) but how often do you get to play against a dev?

Oh, I’ve been paired up with and fought against that guy a few times now. He hates being taunted. The first time we teamed up he raged about an Orendi who taunted him, it was funny. One of the times we fought against one another I was ISIC and he was MIko. I killed and taunted him 3 times, but in between his 2nd and 3rd death he got a kill on me and taunted me back. It was good fun.

I need to fight this guy!

Um, I hope he’s not reading this… :confused:

Is there any way to tell who’s a dev?

The title they equip says “Gearbox Dev” and the emblem is the gearbox logo.

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It was the title that was said before the game. I think we all kind of brought our A game. Our Alani was clutch on so many levels and allowed us to hold our own during the middle of the match.

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