PUG PvE groups are impossible

The idea of sharing lives is stupid. I haven’t been in a PUG group yet where we weren’t out of lives in the first 20 minutes. I’m getting tired of games giving the middle finger to solo gamers. We aren’t all teenagers with a dozen friends on call in a minute notice.

I have literally never had that happen after 18 successful runs and a handful of unsuccessful runs due to an objective dying.

Not once has a team I’ve pugged with run out of lives. Hell, it’s rare that even one life gets used up. What are you doing that you can’t wait for someone else to resurrect you if you go down? And what is your team doing that they are even getting knocked down that much? O.o


Yea you have got to be the most unlucky person ever, the vast majority of the teams I’m on are competent enough to survive I almost always search solo. Reason I’m on the forum is to find people to play with if your on Xboxone add me Artimes7 we won’t run out of lives

In nearly 70 hours of playing mostly pve only with pugs I’ve lost due to running out of lives once. I don’t even understand how you could have enough bad luck to have lost enough times that way to need to vent about it on the forums.

The worst experience I’ve had as far as PvE goes, is taking five tries to beat Saboteur as Attikus. Even with the health buffs the core was still dying super fast until the last run (with two Rath) and it was still pretty damn close by the end. On top of that we ran into a glitch with the final boss where he was at a third health and invincible, like he was trying to do his overshield summon minions thing but couldn’t. After like three minutes of this he finally started taking damage again and we won.

On every other mission I’ve had decent teams, only complaint is often it ends up 3 or 4 person instead of full crew.

I’d be thankful of that. Difficulty spikes quite severely with 5 players, especially the last missions on advanced.

The worst experience I’ve had as far as PvE goes, is taking five tries to beat Saboteur

For me I’m almost certain this problem(and I had it as well) is not due to a lack of health on the core or too much damage coming in. It’s a matter of playing the defense incorrectly.

What I have found that works wonders is:

  1. Build Thumper turrets and rebuild them if they die.
  2. Build temporal traps and rebuild them if they die.
  3. Place one person to defend the entrance to the core.
  4. Everyone else should roam throughout the room fighting anything and everything they see.

The problem that I’ve found is that there are a lot of ranged enemies spread throughout the room and they will happily sit there hitting the core unless you engage them. Everyone staying by the core is a death sentence on that map.

The moment I had a full 5-person Pug follow the above steps, we beat it with the core taking almost no damage and I have since repeated this outcome several times over.

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Ive never lost due to running out of lives with any pug, not even close. The only time i even lost was on saboteur before i figured out that the monsters spawn behind the objective and actively try to cheese it. Once i knew this i picked toby, put the shield behind the objective and got a easy gold rating with a pug. This is on PC though (including the terrible frame rate problems on some of the maps)

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After posting this the next group I got we cleared the mission easy. One guy went afk when we needed him on a pad to open a door, but other than that it was a smooth run.

From my experience when people go down they just respawn without giving anyone a chance to revive them. That actually uses up a life. Happened to me a few times.

I don’t understand. What do you mean? BTW, solo runs are easy enough, maybe not with every hero on every map (some combinations can be tough).

Uhm … never ran out of lifes afair.
… actually, as yet I only recall one mission with randoms that we actually lost :confused:
( f*cked up and had chronicle die )
Other than that I had no problem with random teammates … aside from the ocassional douchebag or noob ofc.

If anything I would like to see the option to continue with the same people for another mission if I liked the lobby … why isn´t that a thing?

I’ve played a lot of the randy story missions and thankfully, on the Xbox One at least, the life burn seems to be kinda rare. Even if a randy burns a few because they didn’t those were shared lives, if you dig in the boxes, the game is pretty forgiving with giving out extra lives. Just can’t be lazy when your team life count is low, open the boxes!

I had a bad one last night though where we lost because the command level 2 Oscar Mike kept burning them. I basically solo’d the last bit for a long time with Phoebe, it made me feel much more confident with her afterwards, lol. I got too cocky and one mistake was all it took.

yeah i think by doubling the amount of life for the core they’ve essentially given groups a chance to see where the attacks are coming since core wont go down in 10 seconds from one thrall shooting from the edge of the map like before). still have to have guys that can get to them though. hence being more spread on the map.

I pretty much figured out the same thing, I had already beaten it after three tries in general but it took five while playing as Attikus (lore challenge). Even a mix of traps works, fire in front is pretty useful to wear out larger enemies as they rush you especially while one person is guarding it.

The first victory I had was doing exactly as you said, I was handling upstairs and fighting in the bottom when possible. Everyone else was roaming and Reyna sat on the core so she could use her ult to protect it. Kept all turrets / traps moving and it went very smooth.

The problem is game mechanics which force players to use teamwork than what can realistically be expected in random groups. PvP is just as bad, as many like to ignore objectives and pick characters based on their preferences rather than the needs of the team. Not all 25 characters in this game are useful, and not everyone wants to play the healer. Adding a progressions system that unlocks “mutations” and other character specific content (or just characters) actually can work against teamwork.

Playing PUGs is really just playing in a group of individuals, not a team. This is where this game is like so many others. However, some people get it, you just have to keep trying to (or hoping you) find those players.