Pug's Weapon Shop


I am looking to trade weapons, gear, heads, etc, etc.

My stock might change frequently, and sometimes it won’t for a while.

Alright. I am going to try to list some of my many items.

Hyperion: Invader(50, 19) CC(57, 50, 61) Logan’s Gun (15, 4(1-5?)) The Bitch (50)(IDK if you can swear here) Bee( 36)

Vladof: Patriot (OP8) Infinity (9, 48, 50) Lyuda (16, 50) Sham (72)

Maliwan: Pyropohiba (35) Flame of the Firehawk (35) Norfleet (21, 50, 57)

And SO many more. I got really bored. That isn’t even half of what I own. Ask about any legendary and i’ll see if I have it.
Also have Butcher, Rapier, Unforgiven, Dog, Cobra, etc, etc.
Get me a Firestorm or Firebee and i’ll trade quite a bit.

I am far too stupid to make it where it’s a little tab, and then you click it so it shows stuff. This is a WIP, and I will be in bussiness soon. Anyways, contact me whenever if you hve questions, or, use the purpose of the forum and write it below. Thanks!

PSN: orangeyporangy
Don’t worry, I don’t know how to say it, either.
Edit: I just realized I forgot that there’s no LB firestorm… Oops.

To an extent. You can say pretty much everything from the game. Bitch, Badass, Rat Bastard, etc.

I have a few extra level 72 Slaggas if you want to trade for one. I have murderers and cutting. When I get back to my vault, I’ll tell you what I’ve got that I’m willing to trade. I know there’a an extra level 72 shock Lyuda in there.