Pump the hate brakes!

I really wanted to bring some positivity to the forums. Nice to know I can still be naive.

We so often speak in absolutes, these days. “White knighting” the devs and such. There are so many more gradations…the world is generally a sea of gray.

I have loved this game, so far. Has its problems, but I hope that some of those will get fixed. Is the game perfect? No, it is not. I guess I’m moreso a pragmatist, if you didn’t catch that. In a perfect world, games would not be released with so many problems. The only game, in recent memory, that I found perfect on release was “God of War.” Would I like it to be different, yes, but this is the world we live in. One of the only points I have been trying to make about all of this is that purely negative attacks/bitching, whatever you want to call it will do nothing. Maybe it will assuage your anger for a brief time, but that’s about it.

I look forward to what is to come with this game. It can only get better, IMHO. I’m super stoked to see what they do with the DLC. Scarlett was decent in B2, Hammerlock’s was generally not so good, Torgue’s was fun and Tina’s was effin’ GENIUS.

I’m glad I haven’t had many problems with this game, buggy and otherwise, and I therefore consider myself lucky in that regard. I am only level 34, have yet to finish the campaign and frankly can’t wait to hit 50 and start farming.


Joke is on you mate. Its not about what “you” want but what “others” allow you to do :slight_smile:

As for the name calling and using of absolutes. Its mostly born because people wrongly “pick a side” and start to defend it like their own blood making things about objective topics personal. From long years of learning how to argue I know its really easy to become frustrated if you fail to express yourself properly and people keep misunderstanding you. Then follows the hissy fit and the disregard because you feel you are wasting your time.

And in act some people WANT to invoke that feeling in you in order to watch you flip. Called trolls (or kids), the world surely has become a more complex place all around. Now back to the topic.

My disappointment in BL3 is born out of my love for this franchise. Borderlands 3 isnt “bad” but it does some things worse then the previous titles and by trying out so many new things at the same time they managed to actually LOSE the feeling that I had from playing BL2.

I still play it mainly because I paid full prize for it and just tossing it in the corner about “minor” things feels like a waste of my money. But I already notice that waiting on my wife in order to play together (cuz we agreed to not play on our own) isnt that much of a hassle anymore. I can easily find other things to do and am not “giddy” with excitement anymore when I think about BL3.

That alone is a big one already. And it makes me think “whats different this time around?”

And suddenly you realize whats good and whats bad. Its a personal opinion because the things I dont like are not much of a problem for others and vice versa. The thing is…I am actually thinking about the game and I opt to voice my opinion and I am confronted with things like

“you are wrong” (no reason given)
“what is wrong with you?”
and make-up facts that nobody can verify

for what? To make me “shut up” mostly I guess. Because its coming from other players, not a Gearbox mod or representative who actually “could” provide some facts and insight. No this is simply the clashing of different opinions and its really sad to see that so many people never learned to participate in a discussion or argument “properly”. Instead it too often derails into schoolyard bullying and ridicule. And such behavior INVITES retaliation hence the current state of (many) forums today.

Sadly I am past “looking forward” to BL3s development. That feeling is mostly replaced by “hope” for Gearbox to improve things. I trusted in gearbox to absolutely knock one out of the ballpark with BL3. That trust was shattered already. Trust gonna be earned so I will remain on my seat and wait to see what they can come up with. Maybe it ll be great, maybe it wont be…there are no guarantees.

I also have been on the lower side of issues with BL3. I had stutters and frame drops and only recently was able to play on medium settings (very low was a must before) but I havent run into corrupt save files or empty inventory/bank space losing progress because I know that would ve triggered actual frustration and me dropping the game. So whoever HAS these issues should be forgiven for being angry about it. After all they paid the same full prize as everybody.

Yes, I m sure there are “reasons” for this but as a consumer I simply state…“I dont care”. I the company doesnt manage to offer an optimized experience they will receive flak for it…and rightly so. Lazy delivery has consequences, especially in the US but germany aint that different.

Of course you have to differentiate between “venting” or “angry rants” and then of course negative “constructive criticism” but its usually no problem simply based on the post provided.

Thats the first thing you learn when you try to get into discussions. It takes “effort” and make no mistake…there is hardly any more taxing profession then teacher ^^

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I wish I could like a post more than once, cause this post is literally the most logical argument on the forums.

No you are just being dramatic, is BL3 perfect? No. Is it going to kill the franchise? Also no. Also Fallout 76 on launch was s**t I agree but that game is actually pretty good now and I wouldn’t say it sank Bethesda, damaged their rep a bit? Sure but I mean Bethesda games are always a glitchy mess…just look at Skyrim, that game gets praised when it reality its absolute buggy crap, I mean funny buggy sure but that game is still buggy. Like you are completely entitled to your opinion but you are being over dramatic.


I’ll be your friend :slight_smile:

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I agree with the OP.

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ironic that negativity spread into this topic as well as the multitude of other topics.

what i find odd are the complaints that are not based upon experience but on either reading the notes then jumping to conclusions or just following suit with others.

take the apparent moze nade nerf as an example. how many complaints were there about this? the reality though if bahroos post nerf vid is legit is that it barely affected the build at all, making a mockery of such dramatic comments such as “she is unplayable” or “useless for endgame”. perhaps its because i am a bit autistic but i like to come to conclusions based on some form of evidence.

regardless, i am loving this game, had no issues other than slight stutter in the menus (not bothered really), and am looking forward to what comes.

dont be disheartened, once balance has been achieved, apparent character breaking nerfs forgotten, bugs ironed out, positive supportive community chat will return as it did with bl2.

happy hunting comrades :slight_smile:


Funny. After me just saying that we shouldnt try and flame each other… Here comes someone with the incendiary damage. Must be playing Amara.

Honestly, Skyrim is a different type of game. So are KH and DmC and FO76. I know this. They will all have ups and downs, pros and cons. BL3 is no different. Still should have been beta tested. If uou dont mind that you are being forced to beta test a game for the price of a full release, fine. But don’t act like someone stole your twinkie just cause they disagree with you.

Could be Moze too, you know she just applies flames to her standard replies :slight_smile:

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Sorry, Ill cool down
@Imit8m3 sorry for kinda being sassy. And hey, PR can get paid a lot of money. this is good practice.

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All games nowadays ship with issues

Some more that others, look at no man’s sky, now it’s a decent game.

Gearbox is a developer just like any other. Mistakes happen, things get overlooked, patches may try delayed for one reason or another.

I will give them credit.

I see ZERO MICROTRANSACTIONS. I’m not paying cash for skins or trinkets. I can earn everything in game by playing it.

Can alot of AAA developers say the same thing? Activision, Bungie, Bethesda, they all drank the kool aid.

I see recurring hexes for sale on ebay. Are you f’n kidding me??

And dont even start with Blizzard and the Hearthstone debacle, how can you punish a person who is sticking up for civil rights for their country.

BLIZZARD is now the epitome of greed.

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I m not sure accepting a lower standard as the new norm is the way to go as you suggest. And the “what about…” argument doesnt even register. By looking actively for examples that are inferior to your own situation you just try to accept something you dont like in the first play.

“Oh I really dont like this but that other game is doing worse so I m okay I guess”

Demanding quality and holding somebody to his/her words are not bad things in my book. This isnt about “better” or “worse”. By standing up to what you expect the very best you get is that quality stays the “same”. Or you allow for an attitude like the one you express and the logical consequence is a gradual “decline” in quality.

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Very sad to read this topic [too]. All of such topics on the BL forums.
Unfortunately I don’t expect the game turn around completely.
By now everyone should reallize that:
After a game is released, the developers only put minimal resources to fix issues that supposed to be fixed during the development cycle.
What I mean is that Critical game breaking issues will be fixed. FPS Stutter probably gets fixed. But there are many big issues in earlier BL games too that got no fix. It is not gonna happen, they won’t spend the manpower, because they need to start working on expansions/DLCs.
So whatever me or anyone expect from the game to put the dot up to the i and show other companies how a good game should work. Geargbox already failed that.

And if anyone read my original post on the topic, let me just cite myself.
I told you so [this will happen].
My old original post about this topic: Developers being disconnected from gamer audience
That we will receive a borderlands game that wont live up to the expectation, will be buggy, I assume the usual detailed shadow distance is still terrible (all earlier BL games has this, probably this too, you can see the shadow disappear 10 meters away).

Until the consumers (gamers) wont start boycotting game purchases without open betas, where you can actually check out the game… until you cant be assured that no critical bugs in the game, nothing will change. since:
Why would a developer change anything if we buy their games either way?
We did [not me yet, I’ll buy on steam] buy it. And we complaining. But what happens when you leave the cashier and go back to complain? Nothing. You get promises thats all.
Anyways, I’m still 100% sure that the story the gameplay is better than anything else out there and I will love to play with BL3. Hands down for sure! But I don’t expect a polished, bugles game, quiet the opposite.
We buy a brand new car, with engine issues that sometimes stops, got hickups, or gear change problems. Thats the reality.

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I think we need both sides of the coin, the positive dudes like you and the negative dudes like most of the ppl in this forum, because if we dont evaluate the game then there is no reason to change anything, and we can all agree that the game needs changes, not just quality of life changes, i mean core mechanics changes.

yeah, they need to make DLCs, but there are seperate teams for a reason.

I will be honest, I wasn’t that upset until my sixth or seventh time of this game TURNING OFF MY XBOX, and not in a good way. Instant shut down. No, it’s not overheating, no, it isn’t my hardware, and no, it isn’t something I did wrong. It is this game. Borderlands 3 shuts down my console and that isn’t okay. Sure, tons of you folks haven’t had that or any other issue, but that doesn’t negate that others have and that it can potentially wreck our consoles. It still happens. I have done alot to reduce the settings to the point where this game will work better, but it still happens.

Not hate, but holy cow is this a massive issue and one that should have been fixed weeks ago, and is vastly more important than nerfing weapons or loot drops.


All the big bugs should not be in the game at launch. Patches are great…using them to finish a game that was released too soon is wrong. Unfortunately that is how companies are doing it now. I love this game…but the bugs and performance problems should not exist to this extent after release.


Just a aarogant lack of alpha testing after pre sequil desaster.


Think about all the pressure put on developers to release a game on time.

Because recently it seems like you can have a really buggy game on time and it be fixed with patches, or they can push release dates back to work out the worst bugs.

Besides, it is impossible for every situation or combination that cause different parts of the code to interact (or cause failure somewhere) to come up in testing, especially in a game as diverse as BL3.

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