Pumpkin Kingpin

Looking for group for Pumpkin Kingpin, UVHM lvl 58. My gamertag is TrkstopEggsalad

I am a level 72 OP8 Commando, could help if yo want tomorrow maybe. My GT is RadiatedDirp18

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May i have some assistance with a couple runs on Digistruct Peak? Im and OP6 gunzerker. After I can assist you with whatever like farming and stuff. GT: SmugSoviet

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Yeah, no problem. I’ll be on tomorrow most likely at around 8 pm. Feel free to add me as well. :slight_smile: When are you usually on?

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Thanks very much for the responses, guys. Sorry for the lack of acknowledgement, I got sort of carried away robotically ploughing forward leveling my Commando and Gunzerker. Appreciate the responses. :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

No problem, I can’t play for about 2 weeks though, I don’t have my xbox with me where I’m at lol.