Punch Your Face Off

Is the face puncher powerful now or is it just me? It has become the core of my build with Zane for about a week now and I don’t think I’m crazy. I frequently hit 3-8 mil a shot with my redundant clone swap anointed one and it has just been melting. It’s not just the procing of the new guardian skill either, it is every shot. My SO swears she just doesn’t see the damage output from it and I don’t see YouTubers talking about it, so is it just me or is someone else seeing this?


The Face-puncher does melee damage. Its damage scales with Mayhem level. You can test this for yourself by shooting the target dummy in Marcus’ firing range (where damage is not scaled by Mayhem level) and then shooting something in the wild.

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There are entire Amara melee builds centered on the facepuncher. If you have Groundbreaker and an elemental projector white elephant and driver you can literally one shot almost anything in the game. I tried it for fun and rolled the takedowns only using that gun lol

clone swap gives you gun dmg it does not effect FP at all either you have white elephant on you or some other melee stuff maybe u switched to stinger shield recently

The Phase 2 update increased melee damage by x16 but didn’t do anything about gun damage. Since the Face-puncher deals melee damage, it just got a free x16 damage bonus. I think that explains a few things.