Punching Dudes in the face

Would it be possible to actually have Amara use her fists to melee? She talks about using her fists all the time… and yet she’s just slapping people… and not even with her left siren-y arm!

Maya punched people…

I miss maya…

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If you’re using the melee based skill tree, then she does use her many fists for very strong elemental attacks.

I know. I just think its weird that she doesn’t punch right from the start.

Yeah, I get what you mean. I found it pretty weird myself, all of her skill trees involve her using those giant hands, so there’s no reason why she wouldn’t use them for standard melee attacks too

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Presumably, using her Siren powers directly like that is taxing for her, hence the cooldown on her action skill?

(The real reason, of course, is Because: Reasons! :joy::joy::joy:)

I like the martial arts-y palm strike. Need a head with a sumo hairstyle.

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Yup. but it doesn’t seem to fit Amara the way it would other characters. She spends so much time talking about fists that an open palm strike is weird.

Maybe they should have given her more than one melee animation to portray her martial prowess.

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Or better yet, a melee combo! It wouldn’t need to be elaborate. Just three hits that flow together smoothly.


I thought that would be too much to ask for… but yeah. Thats a dream.

After playing battleborn I’m really surprised we didnt get some enhanced melee action.

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