Punishment or some sort of consequence for DC-ing

Matchmaking aside, there needs to be some sort of punishment or consequence implemented against people who DC(disconnect).

And I don’t mean the folks with poor internet connections and system crashers, as they usually come back or at least try to; I mean the folks who just up and rage quit, or who leave after seeing high leveled opponents because they want games where they can only win. 4v5 games are usually demoralizing; I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of having 4v5 in 3-4 out of 5 games. At that point, we can’t play to win, but instead just play to survive or just be a nuisance (though I will admit to having mild satisfaction in ending in a couple close games with a team of 4 against 5). It generally ends up being a salt fest for our side as 4 players are easily overextended between lanes, picked off, and killed.

I don’t entirely have a solution to DC-ing, but would like to suggest that the DC-ing players be punished some way to deter future rage or entitled quits. One way could be to give them a time-out of 30 minutes from PvP if they don’t make an attempt to rejoin the game they DC-ed from (this method has been used in MOBAs like Smite).

To balance the field in 4v5, one way could be to increase the buildable and minion stats (small and big mionons, turrets, boom cannons, healers) with each DC-ed player in a logarithmic trend (so as to plateau at some level between normal and annoyingly harder to destroy). I’m just throwing out random ideas here.

The number of people quitting is ruining this game for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The problem is very much the players rather than the system in place though. We ideally need a quitting punishment that deters people from quitting or from searching for a game they don’t have time to play - but it’s also got to be something that won’t be too off-putting for the current ‘quitters’ because they are a large percentage of the playerbase.

Does the game need an option to quit if there is already an option for surrender as well as a time limit on every game mode?

If there is an option for quitting, there needs to be a way to make the game still playable 4v5. I think making minions stronger could cause balancing problems but I think a 20% bonus exp and 20% bonus shards for each missing player would go at least some way to bridge the gap.
Would some characters become too strong too quickly with 20% bonus exp and good minion clear though?

not only we have people that try to surrender, even when they are winning. we have people that actively sabotage the team, by being inactive, or feeding the enemy team.

competitive pvp needs bot support bad, anything is better than having people rage quit, and not having team mates anymore.

I don’t understand how sabotage can be more compelling or fun than fighting the enemy team.