Purchasable Legendary Loot Packs?

Hit command level 100 and got my legendary loot pack. i was wondering if we could have these as purchasable loot packs all the time? obviously they would need to have a high cost to them like 40k credits or something along those lines so people will need to save for a while to get one.

I’ve read a couple of weeks ago that they are looking into it, what they could do. One idea is to sell a “gear of the day”, like Borderlands.


I am ambivalent about this idea.

On the one hand, I support it because I want to be able to control what drops I get a bit more, even if I have to pay out the nose for it. If it weren’t for the taunts/skins that drop from the faction packs (I’ve been trying to get the second Alani taunt forever with no luck; I’ve gotten pretty much every other skin/taunt though…), I would be saving up to buy Epic packs every time because they’ve got a better chance at dropping a legendary, which I’ll be more likely to keep than the umpteenth blue sword with worse stats than the one I’ve had since day 1 (and am likely to replace if I ever get the Stolen Edge to drop).

On the other hand, I can understand Gearbox not wanting to make the Legendary packs a common occurrence. If they become common, even if they’re controlled by being expensive, they lose a lot of their luster. Also, pricing could be pretty difficult; if they want to make it, probabilistically, more likely to get a legendary/more legendaries by spending the same amount on epic/faction packs, the price would be exorbitant (it’s something like a 1% chance for a legendary from a faction pack, which would mean that, at a minimum, you could expect a price over 100k). Exorbitant costs like that are generally only present when you need a money sink to balance out a player driven economy, which Battleborn does not have (though it would be really cool if it did; imagine being able to sell those dupe legendaries with max stats for more than 250 or being able to buy a legendary that you’ve been farming forever with no luck, if you’re willing to pay out the teeth; could even have the economy work off of both credits and platinum).

As such, I am torn. I want it but understand and can empathize with why it probably won’t happen.

i would really like this idea so much

ive tried for vow of vengeance like 5 times and never got it… 5 hours time wasted imo since i hate playing pve.

i wish pvp players had a fair shot at legendaries also.

I don’t think people would buy it more often even if a legendary pack was 10k. I mean, you’ll get maybe more than 15 legendaries by doing missions by the time you get that much with the new drop rates anyway.