Pure DPS, guns only Moze

Just so that the internet knows for certain, there are Moze’s out there that aren’t on Vampry life support.

I’ve spent essentially every point available to me on boosting my gun damage, the few shield skills are necessary to actually keep me alive and doing damage.
Gear is pretty predictable, deathless relic, transformer, and bloodletter. It’s of utmost importance that that bloodletter gives +3 to Desperate Measures, my bread and butter with this set-up.
As for the guns, I use Fire and Corrosive Crossroads primarily. When modifiers allow I like to switch to a dastardly unforgiven for the crit damage, and for bosses I carry an annexed Lyuda with high mag size.
My grenade is the epicenter, its primary purpose is to stagger militants and occasionally get DoT going on a whole group of mobs.
If someone doesn’t want to use Vampyr and Hexes, let this be proof it’s possible.

Also gearbox please fix my recharge stats

Glad to see other people trying this out.
I run something similar to this sometimes, but instead of Selfless Vengeance and Phalanx Doctrine I take more BM skills like Click Click and Forge. I’m just too happy shooting the Butcher forever.


Still kind of new to Moze but I wish she had more sustain options than just Vampyr or Bloodletter.

Yeah, without Vampyr, you really gotta play at the perimeters. I have an anointed stop-gap that gives +75% max shield and +75% max health on IB exit for 25 seconds, whichalso kinda heals me, and my build is about hopping in and out of a low cooldown (about 10 to 15 sec) IB all the time, taking advantage of 120% splash on IB exit (anointed launchers) and 5 second infinite ammo on IB exit. That’s kinda my loop for Moze right now, not as simple as grenades, though.

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On my initial playthrough I went down BM all the way to forge. At the moment though we don’t have enough skill points to get that and still maximize the damage I’m getting from SoR, so I had to sacrifice infinite ammo imo.

More or less. I can facetank just about everything (those tinks with the bomb clusters are my main nemesis) with my shield, but healing comes very slowly with the recent bloodletter nerf. Fun fact: one of the less-discussed properties of the deathless relic is that it causes every ammo container to give more health than ammo, that’s kept me alive often during mobbing.

EDIT : Overhauled since then

I have a fast delay shield with good recharge and roll Bear Trooper for quick Autobot in Shaft of Slaughter, Rocketeer for Permautobot elsewhere. I do equip MIRV Radiation Hex on M3 though, ccs enemies and helps Second Wind when specd for crit and grenade regen, but am tired of Bloodletter, and was never a fan of grenade spam, to the point of actively avoiding it.

With 16 points In Bottomless Mags it is a run and gun spec


For M3 Autobot loadout is double Railguns or double Miniguns on M3

For M0, 11/11/26 is fine; Autobot contributes substantial dps there, and Railgun + Homing, Explosive Minigun + Nuke are great