Pure Explosions! No StV, Firehawk OP8 Please Help!

Hello Borderlands Community!

Ich love Krieg, but i have problems with the flash effects from Shield of the Firehawk an Silence the Voices. My Eyes and Head, it hurts a lot.
A Pure Explosions Build with Carnage and Crunch or Reaper Class Mod. Is this Build Viable in OP8?

Weapons Carnage, Slag Rapier, Grog Nozzle, Rocketlauncher
Shields. Rough Rider, Punchee

Please Help and Sorry for my bad Englisch. I comming form Poland

best regards from Warsaw


It looks viable but I’m not sure about the Carnage as I’ve only ever found one. A DPUH might be easier to get and also do a better job. As for the com I’d say a good (Flesh) Crunch would be great and a max explosive relic if you can find it (max is 39%). I’d also suggest a slag Bouncing Betty grenade to slag enemies when you use RtB and maybe an Explosive Fastball for boss enemies…


it works just fine, thank you very much.

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OP8 melee without Silence the Voices (StV) is possible but don’t expect an easy time killing enemies outside the range of regular bandits or rats as you’ll be losing quite a bit of damage per-second without the melee modifiers from StV or a Sickle class-mod — for melee, having both StV and a Sickle class mod is the optimal setup but melee-weapon hybrids still work well with StV and some other classmods than the Sickle, namely the legendary Reaper for the increased kill-skill duration on Fuel the Blood and Buzzaxe Bombardier.

About the gear, at OP8 you should forget both Punchee and Rapier, they’re much more suited to Zer0 or a raid-boss bloodsplosion chain build, for regular melee-weapon hybrid gameplay stick with the Rough Rider as it gives you the highest1 hit points, i.e., the maximum amount of damage you can take before getting downed).

The Carnage is ok I think, a bit lackluster regarding the damage output but it guarantees Bloodbath (BB) activation upon every kill. A slightly stronger option could be a Swordsplosion, trading the guaranteed BB over a higher damage per shot (assuming both direct impact and splash damage).

Some other generally good weapons you could try out: Twister, Flakker and Tattler (with some other means for activating BB, you can get even more damage on top of its already high damage).

1 You can get more hitpoints with an Evolution but it requires shield recharge to be taken into consideration, something that wouldn’t normally happen since you have points into Feed the Meat and Embrace the Pain.


He’s doing explosions, not melee. Why would he have a sickle mod?


I was assuming the OP could try to melee sometimes as in a hybrid build since the bl2skills link included Release the Beast and Empty the Rage as well as listing the Rapier and Pun-Chee under gear. For pure gunplay though, maybe with Release the Beast meant for healing as Brick’s Berserk although the Grog Nozzle was listed so that would be more than unecessary, that’s some waste of skillpoints.

I don’t think I’ve implied that…

I meant, sickle + StV may be optimal but using instead a legendary Reaper still enables you a longer Fuel the Blood duration.


That’s very similar to my Krieg setup. I put the points you have in Hellborn skills in Boiling Blood and Nervous Blood, and reverse the allocation you have between Blood Twitch and Blood Overdrive. I usually use a Blister COM (+6 Bloodbath +5 Fuel the Blood) but sometimes swap to a Crunch. Legendary Reaper would be plausible, but I spent a month farming and didn’t get one, and it’s not entirely clear it’s any better than the Blister or Crunch anyway so I gave up. :slight_smile:

Relevant gear is Slagga, Fastball, Rapier, Rough Rider, along with a decent explosive gun (he has both a Harold and a purple perfect parts Hulk). Hornet for enemies best dealt with by corrosive damage (buzzards, Oney, etc.). Low level slag bouncing betty for cases like Pete where quickly slagging and stacking up is important. He doesn’t have a Grog yet but it would help in a few situations. I’ve never seen a Carnage so I can’t comment on how useful it is. It looks Kriegish though.

I have no idea if it’s viable all the way to OP8, but it’s great at 72 and OP1. I won’t have anything to do with Silence the Voices, so I don’t really care how far this approach gets me. I’ll play it as far as it works, and if it stops working below OP8, I’ll declare victory and move on.

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