Pure virtual function called while application was running error

This is happening to me every 5 minutes while playing Moze to farm Graveward; it only happens when I jump in my Iron Bear and get out to get unlimited ammo. Latest drivers, latest Win10 x64 (new system). Definitely a bug in the code. I think this has happened a good 10 times in the past hour. sigh


Same here, everything was running just fine yesterday. Now all of a sudden I cant do anything. Updated my Radeon Drivers from 19.9.2 to 19.9.3 and it helped for a few. The moment I hit up my Iron bear and got out I crashed.

Bug still present after today’s patch. Happens every 10 minutes or so. Crashes the game. 100% reproduceable.

Happened to me with Iron Bear as well. Also got it when I jumped out of the Turret and back in again during the Atlas At Last Defense Mission.

I have the same problem, usually when i exit Iron Bear during bossfights… Super annoying… so far it has happend about 5 times… i now to try fight bosses without using my Iron bear…

Yup; I’ve had to stop using Iron Bear because of this.

Pure Virtual Function Call crashing when I enter and then exit Iron Bear. I’ll pop into Iron Bear and then immediately exit. Still happening.

Yah I just stopped playing altogether because Gearbox has failed to put out a real patch that fixes this and other issues. These stupid little hotfixes don’t count. I sure hope they do something soon. It’s been more than a month now, and we still have serious problems without any “big” patch.


Another month later and this is still happening commonly on Iron Bear manual exit.

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Runtime error. Try updating your runtime files from microsoft. Just a thought .

This is a UE4 issue not a game specific one. Just wait until Gearbox Software figures it out and releases a fix… In the meantime, you will just have to reboot the game as per usual.

Yup, crashing almost every time I exit iron bear.

Iron Bear is a shitshow. You jump in with a particle effect and you are blinded by acid or whatever since it places the particle effects right where your camera is. It takes you a second to hop into it, and then you have to hold CTRL to exit since it’s the worst ability in the game and the only reason to use it is to trigger annointments. After waiting to enter and leave you have to make it past the game crashing bug, and then it just drops you in front as you are unable to move and are being shot at, standing in an elemental pool, surrounded by melee enemies.

I accidentally press the key to get into iron bear and I just take my hands from the keyboard and start playing that when I eject I don’t crash.

I’ve been playing for three months, and I also started to get this error now for the first time. I can say that until the last hotfix of the game this error was not.