Purgatory farming, can someone help me find this item

today, i hit 400 hours, then continued past that of farming for one item to drop. ive been using an un-anointed version since day 2 of the release of the game. both my characters depend on it for their build. and i cant put together my end game build till i get an upgraded one. i have not had a chance to play the game, farm gw for all the easy to get items, nor the chance to do fun little loot tink glitches. ive only been at one spot since day 2 running the same path killing the same 2 guys. im starting to loose all hope. now i know the perfect version probably will never drop, especially now there is so many new anointments during the only best possible week i could of had to get it.

i get one drop per 8 hours on average. for the first 196 hours i never got an anointed version. since the event started i have gotten around 11 total all anointed, all completely un-usable for either of my builds.

perfect version is ‘Contra red suit’ contra means nova and spike. with the phase grasp nova anointment.

what i can use if not perfect version is; any red suit with atleast nova, and preferred amp or any non-melee.

usable anointments for this if not phase grasp nova; is either generate fear, or phase grasp skull.

if any of you find your selves at tanzedeer ruins, please just pop over and kill atomic, for that lucky drop you may get, and trade it to me so i can go play the game. even now i am still there farming for it. and tomorrow and tomorrow and forever, please help me get this item.

thanks for listening, Gorghandi [psn]