Purple alien barrel pistols GB...when?!?!?

I want a purple Carbuncle so bad I can taste it.


110% agree, hell - i’d love a legendary take on the carbuncle.

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That’s another bug since day 1 that still is not fixed, yikes.
Alien weapons in general need a lot of love, heck, all purple/blue weapons need love. Because even if they release the purple variant of alien pistols, idk how viable they’re going to be at endgame.


+1 here on the purple Carbuncle, a purple Blastphemy might even be fun. If nothing else they would make cool wall art in mah room.


Pushdugs are my favorite… watching the series of darts pop on the target is so fantastic… papapapapapapapapapap! :laughing:

This smells like the rarity bug from BL2 where some SMGs had rarity issues (Weimeriner maybe?) I don’t even know if it was actually fixed… the UCP fixed that for me, and I forgot about it. :thinking:

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There actually is a loot pool for purple alien barrel pistols in the game, it is just filled with the blue variants by mistake. Would be a simple fix, but unlikely to happen given Gearbox’s focus on Legendaries.

Purple Wyverns can have up to 160% melee damage, btw.