Purple-Blue Only Moze

I want to build a Moze using Epic and Rare Uniques and normals

No Legendaries allowed…

I have discovered that with the rebalancing and the new DLC, several Epics and some blues seem totally playable.

Here’s my list so far and am asking for input on other choices:

Assume level 60 Mayhem 10 and I realize most of these require another playthru…and some cannot be anointed:

Firecracker purple fire shotgun
Melt Facer purple corrosive shotgun
Chomper Blue Explosive shotgun
Bangstick purple shotgun
Dakota explosive shotgun
Stagecoach purple shotgun
Everblast homing Tediore shotguns

Omni Loader blue pistol
Love Drill purple pistol
Pea Shooter purple pistol

Q-system purple AR
Varlope blue explosive AR
Hail blue Moxxie AR
Stranger purple explosive stickie AR

Hedgehog purple launcher
Quickie purple launcher
Lump purple launcher

L0V3M4CH1N3 purple Fire SMG
Crit purple shock Moxxie SMG
Redistributor Blue SMG
Boo ++ Blue Terdiore multi moving turrets SMG

Snipers??? No clue…chime in

Cloning maddening Tracker purple grenade

Revenganader blue shield
Double Downer purple shield
Mendel’s Multivitamin purple shield

Class Mods and Relics would be Blue/Purple as well…open to any suggestions


The Hunt sniper,because it a reward early on in the story and I’ve had it drop all over the game including all add on content,I haven’t tested one lately so as to know how effective it would be

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Before Mayhem 2.0 was even a thing, I tested a LOT of non-uniques with Moze to gauge which ones stood out more than the others. I doubt that most of them will be of much use in M10, but here are ones that are not on your list:

Blaster (Maliwan Pistol, splash)
Splainer (COV pistol, non splash)
Falcon (Dahl pistol, non-splash)

Nebula (Maliwan SMG, splash)
Wolfhound (Dahl SMG, non-splash)

Kielbasa w/ single projectile (Torgue shotgun, splash, best used with Overkill)
Downsizer (Hyperion shotgun, non-splash)

Proton Rifle (Maliwan sniper, splash, best used with Overkill)
Diamondback (Dahl sniper, non-splash)

Zooka (COV heavy weapon, splash, probably better with Overkill)

EXPLODER (Torgue grenade mod, can spawn more grenades than the Tracker but easier to kill yourself with due to lack of homing and larger radius)

One-Shotter Shield (AMP x3, for 100% bonus amp damage. Unlike the legendary amp shields, this one applies to all projectiles for guns listed with multiple projectiles on the card)

Killswitch Shield (POWER CHARGE x 3, for 25% chance to drop a power booster for 30% bonus weapon damage for 10 seconds. They can stack up to a total of 300% bonus gun weapon damage)

Moze has perhaps the best range of non-unique class mods out of any VH. You’re spoilt for choice with ones like Marksman, Firewalker, Commander, Baby Boomer, Low-Life and Lemniscate. If you had no aversions to piloting Iron Bear more in a non-legendary build then you could easily add the Tank Gal COM to that list too. And with relics, you can choose either a Snowdrift or Last Stand (or whichever prefix you prefer) and purple rarity ones can drop with three passive bonuses.


Low-Life and Lemniscate COMs are where it’s at.

With the recent buffs to pistol and SMG damage, Homing MIRV Tediore pistols and the Keenfire SMG are probably just as strong as the Everblast.

All of the Torgue alien barrels were pretty strong at one point. The Protuberance and Carbuncle are still good, but I haven’t played around with a Blister in a long time.


Forgot about the Protuberance and Keenfire…Thanks!!

One shotter
Proton rifle

Good suggestions…will try some of the rest…thanks!!

Will give it a try!! Thanks!!

Forgot Whispering Ice Grenade. Great Grenade!

What I have found with Moze and the latest patch is that virtually any splash gun with Torgue Cross Promotion at 5/5 or above and Short Fuze is soooo much better than they used to be.


Look at Hurdygurdy’s splash weapon list.

But my tips would be Whispering Ice, Proton Rifle, Vladof bagronk, any Vladof launcher but I specifically like the rocket salvo secondary fire, whatever the alien barrel Vladof sniper is called and the Torgue stranger and amber management quest reward.

From the new DLC, the core buster grenade and Dakota shotgun are great, from DLC 1 the La Varlope could be good. The purple reward artifact that heals with homing rockets on slam could be good too.

Robomasher from DLC2

And the grenade launcher shotgun that DJ Deadskag drops.

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Good suggestions!

Now to start assembling gear!

Thumper…how did I forget that one!

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Baby Boomer (with weapon charge speed) + x2 Lump = gg

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The Vladof alien barrel sniper is the Ghaash; full auto with a decent clip size and the projectiles ricochet once. Too bad it is not splash.

You can get underbarrel mini rockets on any Vladof heavy, but the Vred is the one with the highest weapon card damage.

Core Buster is pretty dope.


Ghaash! That’s it. It’s the fire rate that makes it. It is a shame it’s not splash, but it ricochets too. With short fuse it’ll still be good.

Vreds. That rocket salvo is brilliant with Forge, redist and MoD.

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The Proton Rifle is a nice example of the line of Maliwan guns that don’t have charge time. That you can still charge if if you want a burly shot (and hold it until you let go of the trigger instead of trying to time max charge with the target) is pretty fun. A burly Shockwave shotgun is a treat too, for the basic purple line of gear.

I love the La Varlope - so… aggressive with that barrage of big 'ol rockets.

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Don’t sleep on the soleki protocol (reward from saving katagawa’s sister), it’s extremely strong

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“Crit purple shock Moxxie SMG”

Miss Moxxie’s Crit

I’d like to add that this has been one of my favorite mobbing weapons for bottomless mags Moze since before M2.0 dropped (and again since the Phase 2 patch). It’s also probably the easiest of the weapons to farm since all you have to do is give Moxxie money. I’m a big fan of the +125% incendiary and splash anoints (I don’t believe the gun itself has splash, but the massive crit multiplier and high ROF plays well with Short Fuse).

I haven’t played around with it at M10, but I think the Kaleidoscope you get from DLC2 could be interesting. Being able to get any element and keep it until you reload seems pretty useful for Moze, but I don’t know how powerful it is since the patch.

For COMs, the Firewalker is probably beastly, at least until Fire In The Skag Den is changed. Getting 7/5 in Stoke The Embers and 8/5 in FITSD would be a ridiculous boost for any splash weapon.

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Yeah, this gun rips for sure. For the uninitiated, fire the gun at a surface (like the Cat O 9 Tails from TPS) to get it to split into several shots. In combat, get that spray onto a target. The mode switch changes the spray from vertical to horizontal.


Varlope is just incredible on Moze…

Not a precision wep by any means…

But hey, I have always been a “spray and pray” guy!

Good places to Farm a Lump?




Also best areas to check true power of equipment?

A lot of people seem to like Athena but I kinda feel the mobs are easier there.

Those all seem fairly random to me, like I see them all the time, but they’re world drops, no? I think the best place to farm them is the forums. If you have a particular level/element in mind, I’ll keep my eye open. If you’re looking for a specific anointment too, that could take a while. :laughing: