Purple Carbuncle

Does this actually exist? every alien torgue pistol i’ve found thus far have been blues. perhaps it doesn’t matter which rarity it is i guess, but i’d think purple one would come with higher damage.

I was wondering the same thing

I wouldn’t mind one where the ammo requirement didn’t exceed the magazine. Mine has a magazine of 8, takes 9 bullets to fire and steals one out of my reserves for it, lol. That’s pretty wild, by any standard.

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What the hell, yeah haha!

Purple alien barrel pistols do not exist they can only spawn as blue

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ah, shame.

I think its an error in on the developers part because in item code it says their should be a very rare(purple, epic) version of the weapon, but it only spawns as blue.

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Let’s hope they’re aware of this bug. Can’t be the only weapon that are affected by this, surely. i’m seeing a lot of blue alien barrel guns, pistols specifically.

After testing some lootpools I can say that its only alien barrel pistols.

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