Purple class mod issue

Is it just me or are the purple class mods for aurelia shorting the last skill listed to 3 instead of 4 @ lv 50. I have a gentry and a queen mod both listing the skill boosts as +5+4+4 but when i go to the skill screen it is only giving +5+4+3. anyone else having this problem?

There is a bug in the game that lists some incorrectly. Some purple coms come like that, 5,4,3 and others come 5,4,4. So its not all com’s you just got a bad one, keep farming.

Are you sure correct 5-4-4 coms really exist in the game? I’ve been farming the grinder for quite some time now and each and every purple 5-4-4 com I got was in fact a 5-4-3.

Not sure if this is intended or not but I am seeing blues with a +5 (+3,+2) total skill bonus, whereas the purples have only a +4 (+2,+1,+1) skill bonus. Unless I am only seeing the bad purples.
To be honest, that doesn’t seem “better” quality to me.

Edit: This is in first playthrough.

I finally found a correct one. They seem to be really rare though, or I was extremely unlucky. Got roughly 20 bugged ones from the grinder before I saw my first (and only so far) correct one.

@Pra3t0r, I’m not sure about normal mode skill points - but this topic is about bugged class mods that give less bonus points than it says on the card.

They get more skill points as you level up