Purple gear builds

Any1 have purple only gear builds?

For any particular character? You’re probably better off looking for a build that matches the style of play you want for a specific character, and then finding the best purple gear that works with that build rather than the other way round.

Note that a lot of the unique weapons listed in the builds and character-specific top gear threads are basically pimped up versions of purple weapons, so if you know (for example) what the purple sniper corresponding to a Lyuda is, you can look for one of those. Derch’s “Good Bad and Ugly” series does direct comparisons for pretty much everything that way.

You may also want to search for “purple gear only” challenges, since such things would likely have relevant information as well.


I confess I’m confused. Colour-specific challenges are pretty simple : don’t use gear that isnt that colour. Otherwise you’re going to build your trees as you want. A white gear only Krieg may not work well for Hellborn (because of COMs) but any other Krieg build will work. Any build will work with purple gear.

Purples don’t show up in the game for a while (I can’t be sure but maybe level 10 or higher?) - so you’d be playing naked for a long time. You’d need a good supply of gold keys.

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Farming Raging GOD-liaths in Frostburn Canyon is a very good method for getting purple gear early on. Most of their drops are level 9, and they drop a purple most of the time. They spawn in almost every area there, and with some planning, you should be able to level up at least 3-4 of them on each run. Maya and Zero are the easiest characters to do this on.

This is also a viable strategy in the Dust. Buzzard Achademy and Moonshiner’s Shack are the spots to go for.


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