Purple Grenades

There’s a lot of different purple grenades in the game. Hardly ever talked about. I recently started gathering a few purple grenades just because they look good. List or show some good ones. I just picked this one up

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I collected every type of purple singularity on contact with ase element annoint before it was cool to talk about purple gear :joy:
I don’t find grenades very useful damage wise, but singularity are great utility to disrupt movement of very agile enemy (Maliwan enemies especially like dogs, dash and stealth commando, jetpack sniper).
Also , I have the classic cloning maddening tracker for Moze great to proc Vampyre.

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Wish i could find those with decent anointments; hardly ever on 1 that i want; though ive had the CMT since early october
(They do decent damage if you have the passives to match atleast)

I saw one earlier that was a Moze anointed grenade. This was the first time I’ve seen a grenade that was anointed for a specific class.

Has to be modded. AFAIK there are no class specific anointments for grenades.

EDIT: According to the wiki there is actually one:

  • While Iron Bear is active, taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade.


Yeah, definitely wasn’t modded. It dropped from Rampager when i was farming him alone on Xbox.

It was some type of Tediore Frag Grenade. Don’t remember exactly what, but I never use her so I left it alone.

Edit: Wonder why Moze is the only character with her own grenade mod?