Purple is the new Orange

Since purple epic rarity is now superior to their legendary counterparts in TTW, I have a few concerns and questions that I would love to hear your opinions on …

  1. do you feel that Gearbox will buff legendaries to at least be on par with purple rarity or will Gearbox nerf purple rarity weapons so they dont outshine their legendary counterparts?

  2. will Gearbox be nerfing companion builds or make other builds more effective to at least be on par with companion builds?

  3. considering that DLC 1 is just another chaos chamber run that will be drip fed to players over 4 weeks. Will DLC 2 provide actual additional content such as quests and a new boss or will it be just another half hearted chaos chamber spread out over another month? Ive never seen a road map for their DLC plans so I have to wonder.


Legendaries have gimmicks just like quest rewards.

Unlike BL3 every weapon has roughly the same amount of damage.

I like it this way

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  1. Gearbox never buffs anything. If it is going to be one or the other (which I admittedly mildly doubt) they’ll nerf epics.

  2. Companion builds are good? That’s news to me given that pets tend to deal half the damage of any of my bullets and they hit targets about 1/8th as often. I’d love to be proven wrong though. I love pet builds in games where they are viable.
    EDIT: Looked into it. Apparently people are saying Morticulturalist shreds. Guess I have some gameplay to look up next.

  3. No. If their leading out the DLC with:
    -One NPC that has horribly inconsistent characterization and nigh zero likability
    -Zero legitimately new maps. Just a couple that are amalgams of previous ones
    -One new boss that is practically a meme with how weak it is
    -A few new pieces of loot that pigeonhole builds into two damage types

If this is the first thing they release to get us hyped for the Season Pass, then they have nothing of worth through the entire thing. I’m assuming the only thing that will matter will be the 7th skill tree (probably the last thing to be released). And, honestly, I bet it will either be laughably weak or meta definingly broken. No way will they have balanced it.

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This is easily proven false by simply checking the patch notes for TTW, never mind the massive number of buffs they did for BL3, and the fact that they’ve buffed gear and other things in previous games.


I’m sorry Drax, but that obviously wasn’t meant to be a 100% literal statement. If you look at GBX, they have a history of nerfing good gear, skills, classes, etc. into the ground. Do they occasionally buff stuff? Sure. Most of what they do is nerf the good stuff though. It is literally a joke amongst the community.


Remember when they Buffed the Crit and Hail?

Or what about when they had to Nerf the Pipe bomb…

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I was referring to Ferior pixie builds as companion builds. Normally a SpellShot/Graveborn with max investment in the Double Knot skill is the way to go at the moment.

BL3 post M2.0 was a losing battle trying to balance weapons and skills (they even ignored everything but legendaries)

In TTWL the numbers aren’t so massive so these nerfs don’t really destroy the item (or buffs turning them into the new OPQ)

Liquid cooling still does good damage but because you can keep shooting it burns through your ammo (every skulldugger i use burns through ammo but hardly need to reload)
Queen’s cry is a good alternative wich does more damage but has a long reload. And even that one burns through ammo :rofl:

In BL2 i used purple Tediore in OP8 (can’t remember the name again… The ones that shot bouncing orbs)

Loved using non legendary in BL3 before they destroyed the game :rofl:

In TTWL i have a mix of purple/blue/quest rewards and legendaries. I hated legendaries being the only viable option in BL3.


This pretty much

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There were some prominent nerfs in the lifespan of Borderland 3 and some items which never fully recovered (Crossroads is a sore spot), but they actually buffed far more than they nerfed. Think of the Bekah, Breath of the Dying, Cheap Tips, Craps, Crit, DNA, Ember’s Purge, Facepuncher, Faisor, Fearmonger, Firestorm, Hail, Hellwalker, Hive, Hornet, King’s/Queen’s Call, Kyb’s Worth, Lucian’s Call, Maggie, Multi-Tap, Needle Gun, Nukem, Psycho Stabber, Redistributor, Redline, Roisen’s Thorns, Rowan’s Call, Scoville, Sickle, Skullmasher, Soulrender, Star Helix, Storm, The Garcia, The Lob, Tiggs’ Boom, Trevonator, Unkempt Harold, not to mention the number of items which were released with way too much damage and were never touched.

Many of the game’s fan favourite guns became so because they got buffed. In fact, over the course of the whole game they did 89.4% buffs and 10.4% nerfs (source). The nerfs just stick out much more in our minds and people focus on them way more than they should.

As to the original questions,

  1. I think they’ll buff legendaries, not nerf purples. If BL3 is anything to go on, legendaries will receive almost all the attention when it comes to buffs/nerfs. I just hope they also touch melee weapons and spells which need it.
  2. Maybe, but not for some time I expect. Their attention will go to more core things first and they will hesitate to cut down on popular builds/overall build diversity. Pixies may get nerfed.
  3. They originally announced the DLCs to all be the same but, after the reception to DLC1, I wouldn’t be surprised if they either keep with the original idea but develop the concept much further and make it better, perhaps making them into Takedown-style content, or change course entirely and make the story DLCs many people are asking for.

And yeah, 7th class will probably not launch at the right power level (whether too much or too little). I anticipate they will give them to streamers in advance and hear feedback and hopefully this will help and not just in the sense of pushing for “MOAR DAYMUJ” but actual proper balance and utility.


They certainly nerfed the console stability and split screen performance, still waiting on those buffs.

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  1. I’m not always sure this is necessary. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is there a legendary Torgue pistol that can come in all the elements? I know there’s a pistol that always comes in poison, but poison is arguably the least useful element and I would honestly just take a standard purple Torgue pistol that fires 2 bullets and slap the legendary damage bonus on it. Cause most legendaries usually have a gimmick, which sometimes makes them less viable or more viable depending on the circumstance.

  2. Maaaaybe? We’d have to get in to specifics here. I know there is a companion build that can nuke everything with spells and a fairy companion pistol. I would argue yes, because if BL3 was any indication, they don’t want the game to play itself for you.

  3. Don’t give me hope. I suspected one of the 4 DLCs in the season pass was going to be significantly smaller and at first I was OK with that. Having it be the first DLC and making it too similar to the chaos chamber did not sit well with me and makes me think the rest won’t be high quality. And when I’m wrong (Gearbox PLEASE prove me wrong) I can be pleasantly surprised.

I’m currently using a Ruby’s Spite, a Sawmill, a Whiterider, and a Reign of Arrows. I don’t think 3 of those 4 even have purple equivalents because of the unique effects. However, I did reach Chaos 35 and most of my gear isn’t even volatile yet, I’m getting by mostly on myth ranks. Should I find interesting gear that is either volatile or primordial, I’m totally down to try it if its purple and not legendary. In a way, it kind of makes it easier to acquire good loot if multiple rarities work, yeah?


Tens of millions of damage per second without even looking at the target.
Pixie companion


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I’m finding the game a real bore / chore tbh , the first bit is quite fun but it goes downhill rapidly , the ridiculous amount of stuff you collect and the crazy cost of expanding the bank is just plain annoying

expanding your “bank SDU” is shared across all characters.

just expand the SDU that you think you’ll be using the most and there’s not a problem… i rarely run out of ammo.

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So, I just got a Primordial purple Torgue blastoff Pistol.
I can see why there isn’t a legendary variant of this. It’s not even elemental, my build isn’t setup to buff it right now, I don’t even have a particularly useful anointment on it and I just nuked a badass troll with a single magazine. And it was AWESOME! More purples and more legendaries like this please!

Gearbox changed their speech … they call nerfs adjustments now … kinda pathetic

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I mean every endgame build is still basically 90% oranges. And non-legendary uniques are still unfortunately mostly pointless.

I don’t mind this, purples were completely irrelevant in BL3* and this is a good return to form like they were in BL1/BL2/TPS. Funny to see folks coming from BL3 be surprised that purples are actually relevant though as though that’s a novel development.

*after Mayhem 2.0 powercreep


I dont think anyone is surprised by purples being relevant … its that they are better than legendaries in this game.

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