Purple loot = Useless?

Is it just me or is purple loot completely useless in this game?

It seems purple items are only good for leveling or as placeholders until you find the legendary stuff. Once you’ve decked out your character in legendaries, you don’t even need to look at purple loot anymore. I had hoped that well-rolled purples would still be competitive, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

The variation of guns is also not that great once you’ve played for a while and realize that the baseline items aren’t as many as I had hoped prior to getting the game. They just happen to roll with various scopes and accuracy etc. It feel like all this talk of “a billion guns” should be more like “20 guns that are actually good.”

Also, why do you find sooo many pistols all the time? It’s like 2/3rds of chests contain pistols. At least that’s what it feels like.

I’ve found some really good ones. Also it’s way easier to get a decent purple with a good annoitment than a specific legendary with the right annoitment. Also, purple guns is often looking cooler in general IMO! Especially vladof ARs with alien barrel!

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I tend to look out for purple class mods and purple relicts/artifacts. If you happen to get a purple class mod that gives points in valueable skills, they can sometimes outshine legendary class mods. Especially when it comes to Fl4k or Zane. I find both their legendary class mods a little lacking.

Purple relicts are almost as good as legendary relicts. I think the only thing that is better about legendary ones is the fact that they come with an extra perk. But a lot of those perks are kinda meh. Many of them related to slam attacks, slide attacks, etc.

A lot of it, yeah.

Pretty much. Mind you, a lot of legendaries might as well be purples and that’s probably by design. While item score is hardly an accurate portrayal most of the time, it’s clear that some of the purples have a higher gear score than some of the Legendary items.

Depends what you mean by “actually good”. As long as your paddling around in mayhem 1 or just plain old normal heaps of stuff is lots of fun.

Mayhem mods, on the other hand, break more than one entire manufacturer and narrow what’s “useful” down to a handful of items.


  • pistols take 1 slot
  • SMGs, ARs, Shotguns take 2 slots.
  • Heavy Weapons take 4.

As a result, when you open a box of guns if it’s got 1 pistol it’s going to have 2.


Diffetent people play the game differently and so have different opinions on this.

If you’re playing with the mindset that there is a “best” overall item in each category, then everything in the game is just a placeholder until you get the “best” items. Everything else is ■■■■.

If you’re playing the game for the sake of experiencing different playstyles with all the different items, then nothing is useless. Everything is an opportunity for a new experience, you just have to let yourself enjoy the game.


I got excellent blue stuff! A blue pistol with 8X865 damage!

I have purple weapons that are actualy more powerfoul than most legendaries.
dunno what you’re talking about tbh.


Well, the funny thing is, a lot of complaint in this forum were about how 90% of legendaries are junk and placeholders of the best legendaries of their ultimate builds of Mayhem 3 playability of whatever of. And they said such legendaires are worse than good purple items and on. If you are looking for those specific items, every others can be said ‘useless’ and ‘placeholder’.

why do you call out purples specifically when the same can be said about white, green and blue loot?

With legendaries being the “best” items in the game of course purples are just placehodlers until you aquire BiS (Best in Slot). Why do you think that is a problem?

The billions of guns was just marketing speech. And it was already known that they utilize procedural generation for guns allowing for such ludicrous numbers. Personally I didnt assume there were billions of unique guns. If you did then I can understand your confusion.

And yep, too many damn pistol drops in the game.

Actually, I find that some purples and blues are better than legendaries. So, no purples are not useless

Some purple loot can be really good, even better than legendaries at times, you just have to look out for it.

For example I found a Q-System (Purple Rarity Atlas AR) that outclasses some of the legendary AR’s.


Some of them are good, especially with the proper Annointments to enhance their dps. I use several that have Phaseslam and Phasecast Annointments. Atlas Q-Systems are definitely worth it. I also collect Epic Hyperion Hosts. Epic COMs are a lot easier to farm than the Legendary ones, so you’re more likely to get the stats that you want. It’s still a pain in the butt.

One thing that I do hope that they do in a future DLC is making a new rarity based on Epics, similar to the Glitch rarity. Annointments already fulfill that niche, but eventually there’ll be need for new content. They could even release even more Annointments and create a system for you to reroll the modifiers at the cost of eridium to compensate for dilution.


I have a few purples that are great.

It’s more of a hunt to find the good epic weapons versus the lgendaries

Yeah, I dunno, I am still firmly under the impression that once you have found some great well-rolled legendaries you don’t really need purples anymore. Perhaps you guys saying purples are better just aren’t using the right legendaries.

And before you flame me, that’s just my opinion, and I certainly could be wrong, but that’s how it’s been for me.

Additionally, don’t use anointed purples as some sort of argument for them being better. Legendaries can also be anointed so it’s not a valid argument.

I still use purple grade artifact ,scroll even I have a lot of gold grade. Its seem like goldgrade is a nerf version of purple grade or I not got a good roll enough for use in gold grade yet.

I found a purple fire one that mirvs into 3, then those mirv into 3 more. Just wished it tracked. Kept it for a possible amara build in the future

That’s a kind of true. All my current long ranged weapons can be seemingly obsoleted by Lyuda in my Bottomless Moze’s hands.

But that also includes legendaries as well. There is a huge gap between good legendaries and average legendaries. Good purple can easily fill in the gap, so your argument is invalid.

Perhaps you got bad rolled on purple loots I guess.

Talking about which is the best when a game is just out makes little to no sense to me. It takes a lot of time to go deep in the skill trees and start min/max. In Diablo 3, some people used blue weapons that would outmatch legendary endgame weapons, because it had affixes that made their build waaaaaaaay stronger. The other way around obviously for another build. So, instead of talking about Purple vs Orange, it would be more fruitful to talk about utiziling builds around different type of weapons.


My purple 2x Torgue Pistol is amazing. Also… the LoveMachine is awesome so no, purple loot is not useless

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I have a torgue shotgun with 389x13 with 250% weapon dmg after phase cast that disagrees. This actually works well with artifact +50% dmg while sliding since it is multiplicative. It also has 33% increased area of effect dmg, also multiplicative.