Purple Short Circuit COM - My Personal Unicorn

I LOVE Short Circuit COMS for Clappy.

Especially with Maniacal Laughter rather than Killbot.

But they are fairly rare.

With all my farming, i have literally never seen thus far a Purple Short Circuit COM for Clappy…but it must exist…,right?!?

Just get three blue Clappy coms and grind them.

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I guess…


Do you know about the glitched Legendary Shot Circuit? I actually found one in a vendor, it’s still a purple class mod with 3 boosted skills, but the in-game rarity shows up as Legendary

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No you don’t. If you look closely it’s +4 on every skill. On a purple version one of those would be +5. It screws you out of a point.

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Well, alright then!

This edition of “Crushed Hopes and Dreams” brought to you by Bob’s Water Heaters. Remember, if it’s not Bob’s, your house might explode! Get Bob’s Water Heaters!


Dude that’s avalid threat man!

Mythbusters has a “Water Heater Explosion” episode!

I was going for a George Carlin-esque advertisement without it being too offensive for these forums

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With +5 Maniacal Laughter, +4 Wax On/Off, +4 Killbot, level 42l


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Sorcery! You cant get a +5 +4 +4 mod at level 42. You can only get +4 +3 +3’s.

I was referring to the picture.

Yes, i don’t know how i ended up replying to that post either. I was going for the one that claimed to find a Level 42 Short Circuit.

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You are correct!

Its 4,3,3.

My apologies!