Purple shotgun farming

Hey guys, what are some good places to farm purples? I play a cs/melee athena and I just cannot find any shock hyperion thinking shotguns a good deal of people recommend . I even went through tons of gold keys from loyalty rewards and not one in 47 or 48 levels Of play. If anyone has any suggestions, any help is appreciated. Thanks

Pray to RNGeasus and use the grinder

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Rngeasus and the grinder huh? So do I just grind blue shottys that I find then and hope for the best?

If youre lvl 47- 48 I would farm Iwajira and the Sentinel, both drop around 4 purples each kill. Great for moonshine farming too.

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Oh, ok. the boss I farmed the hails from in regular mode. And the last boss. Will give it a try. Thanks for the quick responses guys.

Also, collect all the greens and blues you get from the chests and loot world drops.
Then, you can use this guideline on how to grind them into purples. Good Luck!

ALWAYS check the vending machines for the item of the day

Farm Iwajira would be my advice, got my near perfect Crowd-Pleaser from him.

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Cool guys, thanks