Purple-Tier Gear Needs To Be Plentiful After Story Campaign

After defeating Tyreen the Destroyer and doing business with Tannis about the Mayhem stuffs I feel like Whites and Greens needs to be removed… on TVHM permanantly. To those who maybe wanna challenge themselves they can switch to NVHM with not much of a difference between NVHM and TVHM.

I think just yesterday or day before I tried farming against a boss and all I mostly see is tons of green beams. Blue I might be okay with since it helps balance Purples and Oranges out for being the only two high-tier rarities.

Can these Whites and Greens just be removed from TVHM? Gearbox if you are reading this please make this happen if it possible. Call me crazy but I wanted to get my hand on Purple loots but I can never find any at all I’m looking for.


The loot pool is truly sad.
Today i was having a run around the love n tentacles maps for the fun of it (UVHM - No mayhem stuff because unbalanced), and i found a LOOT ENEMY. A loot tentacle guy of those! Im shocked because i never did.

So i show him my latest gun, a torgue rocketlauncher. He is so amazed he explodes and guess what? 2 purple pistols and a ball of cash.

Youd asume atleast it would drop 15 cash drops, 4 greens, 3 blues, 2 purples. AND, also, a legendary. Because. REASONS!! Reasons like thats the common experience with loot midg- i uh i mean, loot tinks… yes…

I wouldnt quite remove the 2 lowest qualities, but indeed, pump the blue and purple range higher up.