Purple Tree's Augment and Cryo with existing Class Mods?

I don’t have DLC 5 and I haven’t found info regarding the following. How do the augments introduced by Amara’s Purple Tree work with her existing Class Mods?

  • Is the Dragon Class Mod able to trigger Expedite over and over with just melee?

  • Does Elementalist insta freeze enemies or just slows them down?

  • How effective is a Cryo Nimbus cloud for freezing?

  • Is Cryo Driver as much of a meme as it sounds?

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Dragon class mod triggers with melee kills so I expect you’d get 60% cooldown on a melee kill instead of the regular 30%.

Not sure about Elementalist or Nimbus but the cryo Driver sounds like it could be amusing.

Why 60% instead of 30%?

Ah no, you’re probably right, melee kills will get you 30% cooldown, not 60%.

The driver just slows you down and you get no mindfulness stacks and you don’t take any damage.

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Riiiiight. Cryo doesn’t have a dot. Not unexpected, but good to know that is the result. Any idea on the other interactions?

I don’t have a elementalist or nimbus on me right now but if I find one I’ll test it out.

What about Dragon and Expedite?

It gives the cool down until you use your action skill again.

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Great to hear it works like I expected.

The elementalist is really bad at freezing anything , I don’t think it even puts a dot on the enemy.

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Dissapointing, but can’t say I’m surprised.

The nimbus has the cryo cloud but it doesn’t do a lot of damage or good at freezing them solid, they have to be basically dead before they freeze.

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That one I hoped would surprise me. Oh well, I’ll try out the Dragon when the DLC is on sale. Thanks a lot for testing those interactions

I’m using the driver with my cryo phaseslam build and it’s putting in good work. It’s just a shame that it isn’t working with infusion. I still spec into that skill so I can use other elements (e.g. for Wotan) but for the cryo build it is a waste.

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Cryo Phaseslam? Call me intrigued. How well does that work?

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It works very well . It’s a facepuncher build with cryo phaseslam, driver, ep white elephant and ass frozen heart. Once they fix infusion I’ll do a build video.

What’s wrong with infusion still?

Have a watch of my video, the issue is explained there:


Thank you!