"Push" effect questions/issues

I’m looking to use weapons with a push effect. Apart from the weapons not working if they hit a subsystem, which I’ve brought up before, there is a seperate issue with how they work that I’ve run into.
As far as I can tell, push weapons apply an acceleration value to the ship they hit. This means that a strike craft or capital ship will be accelerated at the same rate. The problem here is that capital ships have much lower acceleration rates from their thrusters and main engines; this results in the weapon being far more pushy against big ships compared to little ones. I realize the utility of the feature as-is to simulate a gravitational effect, but I’m not sure that is how it is supposed to work.
What I would like to see is that the push values become a force instead; being divided by mass to yield the final resultant acceleration. It seems counter-intuitive to me that the mass of the ship has no current bearing on how far it will be pushed.
Since this feature is not very heavily used in HWRM, i understand that it may be a low priority. If anyone else has had the same issue that I have, let me know. Thank you.

I tried to use push to make an alternate gravwell behavior a while back. It didn’t go quite as planned.

Having options for both behaviors would be pretty cool.


I remember seeing an old discussion about tractor beams using the push effect when HW2 was young… I’ll post a link if I can find it.

EDIT: here