Pushing the Limits of Kleese's Health - Max HP around?

So out of all the things that I wasn’t a fan of from the latest update, the ginormous health boost for Kleese really caught my eye. Mainly because a.) I don’t recall seeing a single post about anyone complaining he needed a health boost (I’m sure I may have just missed all of them) and b.) an 88% increase? Holy moly.

With the help of a few gear pieces (none of which were legendary) I was able to boost Kleese’s total health (combining his actual HP and shield strength) to a whopping 2,974! This also included his helix option to add 150 to his shield. That total seems…ridiculously high. Is Kleese officially a tank? I’ll update if I’m able to get it any higher.

Also, what’s the highest HP possible to give to a character (not including an overshield?)

Happy gaming!


In my last match I got my Kleese up to level 9. I was able to get him to a total combined health of 3,670. That seems…insanely high.


He’s a monster now. As Mellka, I always had to be wary of his tasers, but otherwise I used to prey on him. Now, I’m genuinely scared of being beaten by a retiree.

also, Ambra + Kleese is absolutely terrifying

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Shhhhh! Don’t tell them! I was running with a friend of mine playing Ambra. Him and my rifts, I was tanking the sentry alongside 2+ enemy characters dpsing me. It’s ridiculous. Every match except one (we went up against a 5 man party) we were at their sentry by a minute and a half with shield dropping or down.