Put incursion back in quick match

it makes things a lot easier, more variety, more fun to have all four modes in one category

Incursion is played too often… Because it is awesome, but they want us to do some crap we don’t want to do for awhile.

Like stand on big plates for the designated time period and only jump straight backward.

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Yes, it’s definitely a lot more variety to play incursion most of the time, with more than 75% of the non-incursion matches only being picked because incursion wasn’t an option.

Seriously though, if the optimization works I’d much rather have separate queues (for more actual variety rather than simply variety of incursion maps played,) and hopefully, matchmaking in the incursion queue based on some sort of rank so matches are even contests more often.


Incursion is the most cancerous game mode in the current meta. I’m glad the queues are separated because it means the tryhards won’t get matched up with the people that just want to have fun as often.


I agree, I also find it funny that incursion takes the least amount of skill, tactics, and coordination.


Going to disagree with that last part because of face off.


Fair, I don’t consider face off a mode.


What? I’m missing something

Yes, only that you can’t do the thing with the stuff anymore.


Ahhhhhhhoookay then

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Less skill, less tactics, less coordination= more fun?

people spawncamp/stomp in meltdown just as often as incursion.

considering capture is just a TDM, face off is hide and seek, and meltdown you can score by removing the players from the lane with much less attention to the minions, Incursion is one that takes some of the most skill, tactics, and coordination. but I can see how people who don’t like the mode apply completely biased, randomly decided statistics to it.


It’s the most cancerous because that is where the most meta characters are always chosen and it’s where you can do the least about them.

Nothing to do with players being ■■■■■■■■.


Little opportunity to play capture or face off as is, not sure I’d like the odds stacked more in favor of Incursion Overgrowth.

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lol you should play on xbox then. I get so annoyed when they continually choose capture/face off over meltdown :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not trying to sound rude, but have you actually played a game of meltdown against equally skilled players? Games where people focus kills and ignore minions in meltdown rarely work in their favor unless there is a significant skill gap between the two teams. Playing overly aggressive and attacking the enemy players while minions are still in lane will likely get you killed as a result. Especially when their accelerators are still up.

And as for incursion being the most skill based game mode, that’s very debatable. Incursion is so heavily reliant on team fights and holding choke points that it can easily turn into a boring stalemate simulator for a good 20 minutes only to have the last 10 minutes hold any meaning because that’s when someone on the enemy team decided to be stupid and got themselves killed, which led to a snowball that caused the entire enemy team to get wiped and lose them the game. Though to be fair, games that are so close that they can be determined by a single misplay can be exciting… but only if the meta isn’t entirely determined by them. I’ve been in numerous games where we were lost our first sentry within 10 minutes, then got pushed back to our final sentry and was stuck there for the majority of the game, we were down by score, could barely hold off the enemy advancement on our sentry, but then one of the enemy players makes a mistake, we get a team wipe, and then we make a massive push take down both sentries and win. That wasn’t skill. That was luck. They had us outplayed for at least 25 minutes, but only the last 5 actually mattered, not because of some major play, but because the enemy Ernest got greedy and chased a kill which resulted in 25 minutes worth of outplaying us to be for nothing. There’s also the issue of Sentries having horrid ai and being about as good at defending themselves as a newborn. Then we’ve got the meta… The current incursion meta is so heavily centralized around Ernest and Kid Ultra that entire team comps are completely designed around those two. There’s always a character with a pull (Ghalt and Gali being the most common), always a Miko or Ambra to deal with his stupid amount of poke(in fact, there are often two healers with KU usually being the second), usually something with heavy burst potential like Benedict or Orendi to capitalize on KU’s stuns and Ghalt/Gali’s pulls, and lastly we have the good ol’ demobird himself. The only exceptions are when you replace the burst character with something that has strong ranged poke like Marquis, Whiskey, or Toby. Anything else is out of meta and it leads to an incredible lack of variation in team comps that only serves to make the game mode even more boring than it currently is. Meanwhile, meltdown’s meta is far less strict in what can be considered viable. In fact, as long as you have a decent amount of cc and a healer, you can make do with everyone minus El Dragon, Kleese, and Pendles if they have a reveal (Even Attikus has proven to work in meltdown against coordinated teams), and even El Dragon has some merits going for him thanks to his knockup and good burst potential with his ult (Kleese is actually kinda ■■■■ on because of how the draft works completely against him and the fact that meltdown requires lane rotation which really kills his viability as a character). Meta characters on incursion are also less viable on meltdown, just look at Ernest and how he loses a tremendous amount of viability once he no longer gets complete control of the only location minions can ever travel through and when he doesn’t have 4 allies to constantly peel for him when he gets attacked.

tl;dr: Meltdown isn’t tdm, and if you treat it like that, you’ll probably lose unless there is a significant skill gap between the two teams. Incursion is a boring at best, and frustrating at worst, especially when the sentry can’t defend itself, and only the last 10 minutes of a match actually matter in even games. Incursion meta is also incredibly unbalanced in comparison to meltdown.


This comment is hilarious. You state that “the same characters are always chosen” in a stale incursion meta and then you rattle off 14 different characters that are “always chosen” (even including a general “1 or 2 healers” as one of the always chosen characters). The above 13 characters you mention are in fact “always chosen”. However, you forgot to mention other characters on incurison that are “always chosen” such as Kleese, Rath, Oscar Mike, Boldur, ISIC, Montana, and Deande

Really, out of 27 or so playable characters right now - I can think of 1 or 2 ranged and 3 or 4 melees that are not “always chosen” in incursion.

What he’s trying to say is the CORE is always the same, with various other players filling specific roles to match that core, for what is essentially always the same type of team composition. That is to say, the extras may play slightly differently, but their job is always the same: protect Ernest and you can’t lose.

You’ll also notice that certain types are not a viable match for this team composition, like every tank. There isn’t room for a tank with this team composition, so it’s not that boldur or montana aren’t viable in other modes, it’s that their role isn’t useful to combine with this team, which in reality means they’re not worth playing at all in Incursion.

Play against a well defended Ernest and you’ll see that pushing is impossible while he’s alive, but flanking him to take out his egg isn’t an option either (unless you like to die without actually accomplishing anything, the egg has a fairly low cooldown so it’s not gone for long.)

The area denial out of just his basic kit is insane if you let the other team protect his egg and don’t use exactly the same tactic as a “counter.” It isn’t about how you CAN pick other characters, it’s about the fact that you can’t build a team around a different concept and expect to win against this one.


ISIC and OM aren’t chosen very often in a serious game. OM’s nerfed waveclear combined with the buff to minions means his place in a competitive meta is no more. ISIC has neither the durability nor high damage potential until level 5, which is still restricted by the cooldown and it’s own timer.

Especially when waveclear monsters like Ernest or Kid exist, and both can also function as disrupters, buffers AND enemy killers. So you pick one or both and the rest of the team serves to either capitalize on their openings or protect them.

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