Put Mayhem modifiers on items

What if Mayhem modifiers weren’t Mayhem modifiers but legendary item abilities?

I think some of those abilities would be pretty cool on items:

  • Entering fight for your life you will constantly spawn Death Skulls that follow enemies and deal big damage.
  • Killing an enemy has a chance to spawn an elemental orb that constantly triggers elemental novas nearby enemies.
  • Killing enemies with an elemental weapon will leave a puddle of that element which damages enemies that touch it.
  • If nearby, you and your pet, drone or clone are attached by an elemental beam that damages enemies.
  • If your health drops below 10% a buddy drone will appear that grants you 100% damage immunity for 10 seconds unless destroyed.
  • When damaged you have a small chance to drop Spinner Traps that project a rotating elemental laser beam.
  • Galaxy Brain: continuous hits with a gun inflates the target’s head, allowing for easier crits/higher crit damage.
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In others words new anoints… I am gonna grab the popcorn and watch this thread :rofl:


Please no! We have too many anoints as it is with too much variation in power. Added to that the rumor of new anoints built around the new skills trees and it will make farming a nightmare. I’d rather see fewer anoints, perhaps many being combined into a single ability, instead of more. For variation/farming purposes, add a range to the bonuses. I wouldn’t mind if I found a +43% SNTNL cryo anoint, if it meant that I had a reasonable chance of getting +x% SNTNL cryo on a weapon.

At least that way, I’m getting the specific effect I want, and can farm for upgrades. Ideally, they put in a method that allows for grinding as well as RNG farming. In other words, putting in the same amount of effort, but actually seeing some form of progression towards the goal. It’s not making the game easier, it’s making it more rewarding.

BUT, I think some of the modifiers would be cool as legendary abilities (tuned and balanced of course). For example, Chain-Gang on a specific legendary shield could be fun if everyone in group had the same shield. It might also need to work with Pets, clone, SNTNL, Phasegrasp, IB/AB/IC for the solo players and such. But those are details.

Another would be Galaxy Brain on a laser-sploder variant. Continuous hits with the gun deals damage and inflates the target’s head, allowing for easier crits/higher crit damage.

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+1 for cursed weapons


I said item abilities i.e. special abilities of legendary items.

Not new anointments.

In some cases items with very close properties already exist and have problems like the Rectifier for attaching electric beam,or slam relic leaving elemental puddles. Imo it d be better to fix/buff existing items

The rectifier is a very cool shield that desperately needs a buff. Sometimes I wonder how difficult it can be to increase some numbers. Why don’t they just buff weak shields like the Riposte Impaler, Rectifier or Messy Breakup.

That would be dope!