Put social tab for manufacturer loot in the main pause menu

seriously i get loot non stop and pausing it doesn’t make sense to go where no other related thing goes. We got a tab for halloween terror why not for this? even before i started using it i assumed it was in my echo menu hidden not by pausing under social. it would make it easier for everyone new and old imo. less clicks would be better. at least add a preference so we can choose where to go if some don’t want it in their menu.

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I like getting a bunch of social mail from manufacturers… The guns tend to be worthless so the ones I get at level 50 I can at least pull out on my new characters to sell for sdu monies.

They’re running off two different data files and procedures. The social tab is linked to the Profile File for You The Player. Echo Tab is dedicated to the Character File.


I’ve got to say, I’ve used a lot of manufacturer and challenge reward items to purchase backpack space for new 'toons. I view this as a plus. It’s also nice to not have everything automatically show up in your inventory and take up space at just the wrong moment!


pointless reply never was this needed

im aware but using one puts that stuff into the other.

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Yeah, but it’s STORED there until you direct it to be located on the character.

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yah and letting us get those items on our echo menu just makes more sense imo. you can store anything anywhere doesn’t mean you should. not having such a change esp for new players it creates confusion and i constantly forget I have the stuff there bc it’s so far away from where my normal actions take place


But the echo menu is character specific. This why the event tab currently only tracks invidual characters progress aswell. If you were sent manufactor rewards to your inventory / it’s own tab (which imo is waste of resources) directly, you wouldn’t have to option to choose which character to recieve it as it would always go directly into the character you’re currently playing. In my opinion it would be worsr in almost every way possible. The inventory management is such a pain as it is, we don’t need more added to it. But i can see your point of view if you only play one character.

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it already sends it to your current character. there’s no difference in functionality hitting accept gift on the echo or the pause menu to put that item in your current VH’s inventory. it can still easily move between VH by not redeeming it. same functionality different place thats all.

i play multiple. you do realize that social tabs have character specific loot in social right? deluxe edition items dont move between characters. theres no way to transfer that to another character without the in game storage. it’s only for that character

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No, “i do not realize that” as i don’t buy crap like that.

But fine, you’re right and everyone is wrong.

so now youre gonna act like a child bc i replied with a counter point? ok

then dont make statements about things that you dont fully understand.

Restricting access to the social menu (ie only new characters seeing options to retrieve deluxe editions items), is much easier than giving all characters access to an echo menu that is entirely character specific otherwise.

The coding changes would require a lengthy process to change, and not likely see the return on development.

the only change is where you access it. im not changing the menu to be character specific. if it isnt redeemed on character A character B can redeem it. same as now. that’s it.

I understand what you’re saying, however as the game is currently coded - character a can only see the echo for character a. If a manufacturer reward was sent to the echo for character a, then character b would never have access to the reward from character a…

In order for character b to get that reward, you would have to accept it on char a and bank it, accept it on char a to trade to a friend/alt that could trade it back, or accept it on char a to mail it to a friend/alt account to mail it back.

Coding access for character b to character a’s echo is what I was saying the developers would not see a return on investment for.

Idk about the whole coding mumbo jumbo unless you wanna share what you’ve been looking at, but I agree with OP, the bank is shared between characters. Could do the same for the mail page but really I dont care if its shared or not, as long as it could be accessed from the Echo. It wouldnt really be a big deal for anyone if it changed would it?

The bank is not inside the echo, the echo (ie character) interfaces with the bank.

The difference between the social menu and bank is that social menu is accessible anywhere… When you ‘open’ the bank the game compiles the inventory for the character from the echo with the multi character menu for the bank.

The only way for rewards to be set up in a similar manner would be for a character to access an in game portal to the new social menu you want them to set up… Whether it be combined with new u stations or in their own standalone vending machines.

Multi character access is simply not built into the character echo menu system as is, and personally I’d rather have the social menu and access everywhere, than to have new vending machines to access the manufacturer rewards through the echo.

I dont think that the echo is shared among each character simply because there was really no need to do so beforehand, I dont really think the answer is any deeper than that, plus they already have the mail inbox coded. A few tweaks could put it in the echo, itd only be a single page of data shared between them because thats all thats needed, not the whole thing.

Who knows I might be wrong, but Gearbox has plenty of programmers and plenty of experience making games, they could do it with having to revolutionize the entire game.

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you due data imports or whatever way the social tab handles figuring out what things you can get from it just i the echo.

yes they would. again were NOT changing how it works. just where it is.

they dont need to bc theyre not coding any changes besides where we see it. i’m a programmer. we move stuff like this all time. customers constantly ask to let them access something in a different place to save clicks or time

How about this one then. Since you refuse to listen to the fact that it being part of a separate situation matters in how it can be displayed: the mailbox is online. So much so that people were disconnecting after logging in to get multiple copies of things in their mailbox.

If this were on the echo tabs, any time you booted up the echo that’s one more thing it would have to check against and load. Due to the interconnected nature of the echo tabs, any “quick gonna switch my augment or shield” moments could become a disaster because the echo now has to be OnLine too.


I think this is the best argument against the concept I’ve seen so far. We all know that the echo inventory is a bit laggy loading in even in single player; if it also had to load information in from the “Social” side of the game, I’m not seeing performance as likely to improve.

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