Putting the fear of Attikus in the enemy

So my whole team disconnected during the match of meltdown (no one called for a surrender lol). What’s left to do but kill everyone?
Did I win? No. Did I get more kills than the 5 man prepare enemy team combined? Damn right. You best fear the Attikus folks

Also matchmaking times have been awesome since the new hotfix today! Thanks @joekgbx and gbx!


Nice job! I am terrible with him. Any advice?

That guide can do a much better explanation of Attikus than I could. But some extra notes to that post:
-Attikus can get an insane DPS. Unless you have a pocket healer (go for healing received if you do), go for damage and attack speed in gear
-Shooters are slow while shooting and are backing up if they see you coming. You can see where they’re backing up, they can’t. Position your body to guide them into a wall/corner. If you pin them in the corner it’s a guaranteed death for them.
-Hold onto your charges until you know you’re going to get a kill or about to die

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Alright, I’ll give it a try, thanks!!