Putting the "True" in True Vault Hunter Mode

Given how Normal Vault Hunter Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode essentially have no significant differences while Mayhem Mode is active, how about taking a cue from the Takedowns and have TVHM function as a “True” NVHM? Essentially it is the True Takedown but applied to the entirety of TVHM, separate from Mayhem Mode.


What about that difficulty setting that’s somewhere in one of the menus. Does that even do anythign

Yeah. If you put it on easy you take less damage.

You can only turn it down to “Easy”, you can’t make it harder. I haven’t actually used it but my understanding is it just makes you a bit harder to kill, doesn’t actually tune the mobs down.

We have tried so many attempts in the past to get them to “scale the world”.

Hopefully they are listening now?

I like it, would more teammates increase the enemy health and spawn further? Since you would already have the game scaled for 4, would each player in the game increase scaling?

Wouldn’t think so, but I don’t see why that couldn’t be an option (excluding technical limitations like having too many enemies on screen).