Puzzle Room in Cartel Event

Anyone discover any hints on how to solve it? I’m seeing 4 screens and each can show a purple Pyramid or a green Cube. Also they’re books that are label 1-9 each. How does one find any hints in this?

Edit: I never seen this before until now but there is a blue Wheel that can appear on the screen.

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I didn’t saw at all the puzzle in my first run :confused:

Once enter in Joey’s mansion you’ll have to go up the stairs, take any path until meet up in the upper mid area for a randomize mini-boss fight. There is a room in the middle can walk into and a keyboard is on the table.

Still I’m surprised myself this one is too hard to figure it out. Not to mention it part of the 18 event challenges too

I’ll try that tomorrow. Did only one run today (already tired of new modifiers).


Update: Unsure if it a trial and error but I came close

Green Cube: Activate number 5
Purple Pyramid: Activate number 4
Green Cube: Activate number 5
Blue Wheel: ???

Edit: My spoilers isn’t confirmed since on my next try I input the same correct code for a certain shape and it’s wrong. Now it’ll be difficult if I try trial and error with it. I expected shapes to have points plus 1 extra for the code

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My friend share what possible be a solution to everything in second image. Also bumping if others can try this out. More people involve with this thread and confirm how it works, the better.


can confirm that pattern works. there are three possible shapes and each shape matches one of the glowing figures on the bookshelf. the location of the sculptures above the glowing figures indicates the number for the shapes.
it is a bit weird to have the number like in bottom photo but it works. I haven’t seen the glowing sculptures move so triangle will always be 1,4, or 7. square will always be 2,5,or 8. and circle will always be 3,6, or 9.

Thank you so much!

I always notice the glowy things but never knew they’re shapes. Maybe I’m bit blind. Wow this puzzle uses a lot of brain power than the one from the Halloween event XD


i ran through this 4 times now and each time all i get is a grenade. i still dont get the solution. gonna try again. after another quick run of things

look at the screens :wink:

there’s 3 shapes that can roll on them
on the left side there’s a bookshelf that has 3 shapes and above each shape there’s 3 slots.
in those slots there’s an item (random) the spot it’s in corosponds with the number on the books on the other side. once you get it, it’s easy :wink:


Adding onto what @garfield1283 said. They’re 3 objects from this screenshot. It’s a bit too far to see but…

1-4-7 side is Triangle. Look for the golden object if it on 1, 4, or 7. If the golden object is 3 verticle above the triangle object then Triangle = 1

2-5-8 side is Square. Same as above. If you see it like right above the glowing square piece then that’s 8

3-6-9 side is a circle. Same as above and lets say the golden piece is 3 above the glowing circle then it must be 3.

Now looking at the screen from left to right and knowing the shapes correct number you can input the 4-digit numbers in order from left to right. That pretty much all to it.

Best example is imagine you have a cellphone with the numbers layout. Under 7 is a triangle, under 8 is square, and under 9 is a circle. The shape has 3 numbers vertical above it and assume each vertical side has one golden number at random. With this example it should be a piece of cake


ok, so my puzzle right now (that i failed) was cube, cube, circle, cube. I thought of putting 8898 as the answer, but 8 was wrong.

Maybe but hopefully it’ll get a lot easier for you when you spot the golden object XD

Tried 7 times and never seen to know what to do. Gave up until I saw your post. Would have never guess if it wasn’t for this.
Thank you.

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I knew it had something to do with the shelf with the box/pyramid/circle things, but I wouldn’t have figured it out either.

oh man! just noticed the (pretty obvious) fifty shades of GRAVY book in the secret door :rofl:

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What would square square triangle square be then

Depends on which shelf you have ornaments.
5, 5, 1, 5 for the screen posted above.