PvE alternative to PvP only lore challenges and vica versa

I would like to suggest that PvE and PvP alternatives be added to PvE or PvP only lore challenges. For example:
Thorn’s lore challenge where you have to kill 20 players in PvP while airborne with ‘Q’ should have a PvE Alternative for players who do not wish to or cannot play PvP properly or at all.
Thorn’s lore challenge where you have to complete the PvE mission on Advanced without any death should have a PvP alternative for people who simply do not wish to play any co-op PvE.

While this addition would benefit me greatly I also believe that it would benefit a lot of other people who for whatever reason do not wish to play either PvE or PvP.

Let me end this with two points:

  1. I have terrible internet. A lot of people in Southeast Asia have this problem. Think 350+ ping when its good and 1 second + whenever it spikes and it will spike regularly (3-15x a minute).
  2. The servers in the Southeast Asia region are fairly sparsely populated so queue times are often very long.
    a. As a consequence of 1. and 2. you will have quite a lot of games where players fail to even load in or are gone barely into the match making for a game that is decided by a 3v5 for example.

There are already two threads about this that can be seen by doing a quick scan of the forum:


I’m not trying to insinuate anything here, but having these discussions spread out among different threads makes it harder for us to get GBX’s ear. I think they should all be consolidated into one thread. Oh, and I agree with you.

Good to know. I did not see them however I added my support to both threads after having them pointed out.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing some adjustments to this.

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I wouldn’t count on this ever happening, I’ve only got a couple of pve challenges left and once I’m done I’m sadly moving on to the next game (at least until more pve content is available)