Pve gateway save us

So I hate to be "that"guy but here goes.

Last night I hopped into advanced public in hopes of starting my quest for Ghalt.

What I was faced with was a horrible torrent of sub lvl 10s running in with S&A, Galilea and Raths, dieing in the middle of large groups and wasting lives.

Is it unreasonable to ask for a gateway to advanced public? Maybe gold on all normal missions (really not hard with a pug group) or silver with a command rank req too? Maybe 15-20. I know CR doesnt = skill but something has to be their to stop newbs (thats the nice way of saying noob so dont down vote me lol) from hoping to be carried and wasting 30-45m of serious players time?

Let me know if im being unreasonable, but 6 matches last night with 1 success makes the advanced playlist seem pointless :disappointed:

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I don’t think you are being unreasonable, it’s a good idea for all games to implement something like this and lock harder difficulties until players have shown their skill or received a good amount of experience on the game.

In this game’s current state I don’t even bother searching for an advanced mission and stick to normal. I unlocked Ghalt just by getting to Command Rank 40 rather than put myself through trying to get a silver on ALL missions on advanced difficulty. With the current double XP event I would recommend everyone do this too, especially as I’m pretty sure you don’t actually get anything extra for doing the missions on advanced.

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Ive read it increases legendary drop rate. But seeing as im disappointed with gearboxes cheap attempt to force re playability by randomising stat rolls on items I doubt ill try get any. WoW perfected the loot drop system at least. You get an item and thats it. You dont have to keep running to get better rolls. Its a cheap diablo mechanic knockoff and you could use community response to see its not appreciated by said community. Hence stat reroll mechanics were brought in.

what level are you at? i was grinidng ghalt as well but then eventually just ended up reaching lvl 40 int he process and unlocked him anyway. i didnt even finish some of the advanced missions yet. was really getting a lot of XP with the boost this weekend. if you are close may as well go for it that when than grinding and being frustrated with missions you dont care about

i go through multiple maps before i can complete one as well. though many times im the one dying too because with 5 players there are so many enemies its just ridiculous sometimes. i have better luck solo or with 3 players. but yeah ive seen some painfully low command rank players. lvl 10 should not be in advanced public

27 atm but yeh ima burn through them levels to get to 40. Not gonna bother trying advanced public until a gateway is made. Get 2 1/2 lvls per adv heliophage run. About 40min investment. So about 13 hour cost. 8 hours a night means tomoro I dont have to do as much as today.

Yo straight up agree. Too many times now have I got in with low levels (I GOT WITH A LEVEL 2 ONCE!!!) and they don’t even know how to play let alone do advanced. Unfortunately their have been some cases where I’ve seen a level 13 or similar out play a 70 but somethins gotta stop those who haven’t taken their lumps lol

Same here.
I think that a gateway for who finish the game could work.
At least if we do not have IQ tests…

I am all for Advanced matchmaking, but most of my clan agree that some missions are just unlikely to be completed by a pick-up group. Some, like the algorithm or Void’s Edge, are pretty straight forward. However the likes of The Experiment or Saboteur are really tough even with a good group that can communicate on TS/Vent.

The idea of minimum command rank is an interesting one, but I would link it to character level for advanced (maybe character rank 5). That way people could only choose players they have some experiance in playing. Other than that if you are in a public queue you are at the mercy of matchmaking and there is only so much that GBX can do.

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I like character rank more actually. Atleast with lvl 12s you have all choices possible.

Yeah, limiting options by character rank sounds fairly okay. The game should do a good job at communicating this, though. It would be very annoying if someone went into advanced and only found out they can’t play with a character they wanted to play when they are in the selection screen.

Advanced public is not the place to try out new characters but I feel like that is what happening with some. If I want to try someone new I’m going in normal mode.

This exactly. Normal, private versus. Better options to “test” a character