PVE missions are boring, Boss battles are annoying, and I never want to play one again. Reduce the bullet sponginess and the amount of waves please

It’s sad that the only way to try for legendary gear is subject yourself to these boring and tedious PVE missions. BIggest gripes:

1: They take way too long.
2: Boss combat is annoying.

They take too long because you get tossed way too many waves of enemies at points. It’s the worst. Just let us beat one damn wave and let us move on with our lives. Plus the mobs are just bullet sponges. There is very little tactical AI and they just opted to throw meat shields at you with high HP pools. Ugh.

The Boss combat is horrendous because every boss battle is set to intentionally delay your battling of the boss directly, whether it be the boss shielding, digging underground, or the most annoying of all I think, bouncing you up into the air.

These experiences aren’t pleasurable. I literally refuse to ever play story mode ever again. If you think I’m grinding through that nonsense repeatedly for a CHANCE at a legendary you’re mad.

How long does it take you to do a mission?

Well, if it helps, Gearbox is systematically nerfing every legendary that is worth farming for so that they’re useless, so you don’t really need to go into PvE if you don’t want to in the first place.

Really, a single mission takes about half an hour, with the exception of the Heliophage which takes almost twice that. I don’t find that unreasonable.

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All the gear in the game is supposed to provide a small buff to your character, but nothing that is game changing. A lot of the Legendary gear is currently game changing and is being adjusted so that it falls within the desired parameters. Legendary gear is gear that has a unique attribute that is not found on any of the standard gear. Those effects, though unique, shouldn’t be game changing and shouldn’t greatly have an effect on the games balance.

That being said I think that the cost of the Legendary gear needs to be looked at. It needs to be adjusted so that it reflects the random stats on the gear like the standard gear. It should also reflect the strength of the item. Some Legendary gear should have a lower cost than the current cost of 1800, while some other prices of gear should have a higher cost. Even some of the standard gear may need to have their costs adjusted. Some of it is just too situational to be worth the current cost.


Most of the unique effects on the legendaries are weaker than the primary stat boost, despite costing more. The shards that go into legendaries could instead go into buildables. And really, if the legendaries aren’t intended to have a noticeable effect, why are they so rare and hard to get?

In the end, they just aren’t worth farming for in the first place, so I don’t get why people who don’t enjoy PvE are feeling like they have to play it at all.

When has GBX done anything else? :stuck_out_tongue:

No shade at Gearbox but engaging and genuinely tough enemies with interesting attack patterns really aren’t their strength. They are more about making kick-ass playable characters and quirky stories and cool weapons (or in BB’s case, abilities) They kind of tried I guess, but as you said I guess it kind of just ended up artificially delaying already boring and long boss battles. The worst offenders I’d say are The Sentinel Bosses. Let’s pretend they don’t exist.

They definitely need to do something about the over the top knockups and knockbacks most of the bosses have. I really didn’t start playing the game thinking "Hoo boy, I’d really like to become an astronaut"
Space terrifies me almost as much as the ocean and I’d rather keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Honestly I’d be more ok with the bosses if they at least looked unique and weren’t just scaled up versions of basic mobs…

I know you can farm The Sentinel < 20 mins with solo Thorn.

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Most bosses only take 2-3 Skystrikes from Oscar Mike to die.