PVE only legendaries

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During the recent Play With The Devs event I got to ask some questions of @Jythri. And while responding to my question about how nerfs to legendary gear can have a negative impact on story mode he floated the idea of PVE only legendaries. So the purpose of this topic is to get the community to up vote this idea of PVE only legendaries that don’t get nerfed because they can’t be used in PVP.

My hope is that w/ enough views and +1 replies on this topic Randy V. will realize that his off the top of his head remark has legs and PVE legendaries will come to Battleborn. So dear reader my call to action is this, leave a +1 comment on this topic and tell your forum buddies to get over here and leave their +1.




My primary use case for legendary gear is to solo adv/hardcore story and get gold. My secondary use case for legendary gear is solo adv/hardcore story w/ characters the game warns me against using for particular episodes. For example, running The Algorithm with Miko is pooh poohed. Plus it’s also just cool to have legendaries that are clearly superior to their lower rarity counterparts. Because if it’s not CLEARLY superior then what’s the point of having legendaries? Finally, the idea of getting an awesome legendary just makes farming a satisfying way to spend one’s time.

If you have any strong feelings or thoughts on legendaries feel free to leave them below your +1 vote.


I’ll +1 some PVE only Legendaries.

I think there’s lots of fixes to be made in Legendaries; I don’t think a single unique gear should ever define a playstyle for PVP, and I think all Legendaries should have either fixed max values or variable costs. I also don’t think ALL Legendaries should have the same cost.


We have limited loadouts and bank capacity.

I don’t want to have a loadout I can’t use in PvP, because that would decrease the number of options to choose from when in character selection screen. To combat this and also make use of PvE-only gear, I would have to spend more time in the Gear screen, swapping loadouts.

I am against this idea.


If that happens, I think it should be part of an optional loot pool because I rarely play PvE so legendary drops are already pretty rare for me, so to get one I can hardly even use would be a huge bummer.

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They can always increase bank and loadout capacity so I don’t think there will be any issues there. I hope I have changed your mind and you’ll give it a +1! :smile_cat:

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I talked with Jythri during the Early Access Preview and even back then there was talk of gear with PvE and PvP only bonuses.

I think legendaries could maaybe get removed from PvP entirely, and they could work on adding some crazy and fun and strong legendaries to PvE since character and gear balance there really doesn’t matter that much, as long as it’s strong enough.

I’m not against legendaries in PvP but I do think balancing them and fixing unfair effects takes a little too much time and effort that could be used on other things. This is also in the hopes that new Legendary items be added to the game. And Character Legendaries should still stay in both PvP&PvE.
Something should be done to keep the PvP legendary users happy, though… Not sure what.
Or maybe the same piece of gear could have different effects for different modes as the devs have already thought about. But this would still lead to being forced to balance PvP legendaries. I don’t know.

(Bank and Loadout slots should definitely be upgraded. Especially Loadouts. And by a lot.)

Just some brainstorming, I wrote this as stuff came into mind, might not be the best idea out there :sweat_smile: Oh god they changed the forum emojis and they look horrid

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Along the lines of maybe removing legendaries from PVP entirely … maybe they should just limit PVP legendaries to the character specific lore challenge legendaries. Then all other legendaries can only be used in PVE. Maybe this approach will be easier/faster to implement than creating a whole new set of legendaries that are PVE only.

When I mentioned that to him he said (I’m paraphrasing here) there is a usability problem w/ that approach. Having gear that works one way in one game mode but behaves differently in another will create confusion. That’s when he spit balled the idea of an entirely new set of legendaries that were PVE only.

I agree. Please please don’t take Ambra’s legendary from her in PVP, haha. She’s suffered enough!


What if we got double the ammount of loadouts, and then separated them between PvP Loadouts and PvE Loadouts? Then you wouldn’t have to switch anything out that much: when in your Loadout selection screen, you’d see the PvP ones when PvPing and the PvE ones when in Story mode.
Or, you know, as everyone else has pointed out, if they gave us MORE loadouts in general. Then you could divide them between PvE and PvP yourself.

Thumbs up to the PvE only idea. Balance is only a problem in competitions.

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Why not just have a PVE modifier on the legendaries.

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A number of Ideas have been been brought up over time including PvE only legendaries found in co-op, PvP legendaries earned in Competitive, a gear free PvP mode, and skills and gear that just function differently in PvE than PvP.

I think all of those are reasonable alternatives.


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When I discussed PvE and PvP exclusive gear I wasn’t suggesting gear that has different functions for each mode. I was suggesting something along the lines of the Lore Legendaries at the time. How is this similar to the Lore Legendaries? You have Ambra’s Lore Legendary that grants an extra bonus only to her but can still be used by other characters for the other two bonuses it gives. Some Story and Versus only gear could be made to function like this as well, only the bonus attribute would only work in their respective mode. This would work for Legendary gear anyway. I’m not talking about a third attribute that works like x in Story and then works like y in Versus. That would create the confusion that @Jythri is talking about.

Having Legendary gear that is locked out ( like the troublesome Legendaries that are awaiting rebalancing) in one mode or the other is possible to I guess, but then you’d lose out on the base attributes of the gear. There is also the idea of standardized gear for Ranked mode when it finally is released so that everyone has a standard set of gear (and perhaps even standardized loadouts) that everyone gets to choose from for these Ranked modes.

For at least one Ranked mode anyway. I’d like to see one that allows standard/current gear. I’m all for more options so that people can play the way they prefer to play. Some people like picks and bans. One person on team A picks Marquis so now no one on team B can pick Marquis because that character has already been taken from the selection pool. Plus the bans. Some people like that. I prefer the character selection process as it is and I’d love to see a mode that retains that. I’m sure others would as well.

Anyway, I wonder what others think of the idea of having gear with a third bonus that is available only under the right circumstances whether it be Story, Versus, Ranked or other.

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I like this idea, but I wonder how hard it would be to code retroactively? It might be that he would rather have done it this way, but is afraid to suggest something that might not be feasible. Making new gear is always an option, but if the “hook” isn’t there for PvP only or PvE only, this might be a feature to look for in BB2.

I’m not a big fan of the idea, because it would further differentiate PvE and PvP instead of trying to get them to work and blend together. Right now, I like the idea of “having” to play PvE to get items to use in PvP, and hell I’d even go further and propose some kind of consumables you’d have to replenish by playing PvE but could use in PvP. The issue is that PvP has nothing to really offer back to PvE, except the completion of tedious lore challenges in order to obtain a character specific legendary.

Now, adding PvE only legendary items would be incredibly frustrating to a PvP players : 1/ that would mean upon getting a PvE specific legendary you just “wasted” your time when looking for a specific piece of gear to help in PvP and 2/ that would just mean PvE is now completely and utterly useless and unattractive to the PvP crowd, the exact same way PvP is unattractive to PvE players right now.

What’s more, it means more work adding and balancing items around specific gamemodes, and/or more hard-to-sort clutter in the bank, and/or even more tabs to separate PvE only items from PvP items, etc etc.

In all fairness, all legendaries already kinda work in both PvP and PvE, it’s just that some won’t be as attractive as the others depending on what you are playing. It’s the same with the characters, though : all can work well and beat any missions, but some will perform better than others depending on the actual mission, size of the team, team composition, difficulty etc… Being able to assemble the right team for the job is part of the game, after all.
Which is why I don’t believe any steps toward separating PvE and PvP is the right thing to do. On the contrary : put something in PvP that would appeal to PvE players too, so that both modes would synergyze better, and whoever refuses to play one or the other would not be gimped, but would miss out on something. The same way PvPers that don’t like PvE couldn’t have the shiny legendaries. Just make it fair so that nobody has to over-play the mode they don’t like, just as they did by increasing legendaries drop rates in PvE with the latest patch.

In short : yes, there is PvE in the game, but there is PvP too. And to keep that uniqueness that spawned Battleborn, they should definitely work toward blending them both together, rather than go the classic way and separate them the hard way…

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Agree, I only play PvE and Gbox should clearly understand how upset those of us who do are getting by the impact PvP is having negatively against PvE.

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Totally agree. Easy fix = disallow them in PVP. Hell, a bunch are already disabled with no word on when they’ll be back. So …

Well just so you know the legendary drop rate was increased, and it was greatly increased. I had gotten 1 legendary after nearly 100 story missions. Yesterday after they increased the drop rate I got 4 legendaries from 5 missions, and two legendaries from loot packs. 3 out of the 4 legendaries were all during the same mission The Algorithm. I had to run the Renegade twice and on the second time I got a legendary. So really high drop rates now from my experience.