PvE Opening Animation

Sooo I’ve been thinking this for months, but do you think that the opening scene in PvE matches can be randomized? Seeing Mellka and Rath over and over and over, is super lame. :confused: It would be cool to see random clips of the Prologue animation like Marquis shooting the missiles, Caldarius flinging Rath, Oscar Mike shooting the sentry, Thorn Blowing up everything, etc. Just figure it would add a little something to PvE.


I agree with this. SO. MUCH.


100 percent support this!

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Jep… can’t see it anymore (not Literally), especially since I suck with those two.

Don’t tease two of my worst picks…

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This is the one thing I don’t remember Gearbox ever responding to.

I agree, and I will like when I can like again. Which is in 21 hours. :confused:

Btw, it would be REALLY cool if the intro was based on the characters you pick,

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The video is actually there to hide the load time on the server :stuck_out_tongue:
But it would be nice if there was a random set of intros


I like the CGI intro from the Open Beta the best.



been annoyed with this forever

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What intro?