PVE quitters should be penalized

So I’m enjoying story mode quite a bit but the biggest issue for me besides collision and more balanced medal requirements is people quitting before a game starts or a few minutes into it.

Sometimes stuff in real life happens so you have to leave, but 90% of the time these guys are queueing up again. I’m on xbox one so I can see them requeueing as I goto block these bums. Are there any plans to penalize these players, either by flagging them and force them to play with other constant quitters?

This seriously ruins the experience for me and others as I’m now forced to play on an unbalanced team because some bum didn’t get the map he wanted or feels the team composition is not favorable. Either just flag them so they are no longer allowed to queue for a while or permanently flag them as quitters and match them up with their own kind for a week or two…or forever :slight_smile:


It’s not so bad in story mode, especially if they quit before the missions starts or the first enemies spawn, as the game does scale to number of players. It’s a REAL pain if the quit just after triggering massive enemy spawns in two areas simultaneously while trying to defined the Archive :dukecensor:

What bugs me is when they drop out just as the final player was added to the squad, and you end up starting over.

Now that, I like!


Well it is pretty frustrating as I am experiencing at least 1-3 disconnects per game. I want to roll in there with full squads as that’s when I have the most fun since battles are then much larger, more chaotic and much more epic.

I haven’t had a full squad in 8 or 9 games straight, smdh, and seeing these guys requeuing immediately is ridiculous. They are basically being encouraged to quit whenever they like since there are no penalties.

Just had it happen tonight - got to a full squad of five, started voting on the story mission, see “A player disconnected”, get to character selection screen and I’m the only one left :dukerage:

Decided to call it quits for the night after that. Looks like getting a party together and going private story is going to be the only way to go…


I wish there was a way to better pick levels to play. I wonder if this is part of the issue. You need to complete that one last level and all you get to pop is the ones you already completed over and over and over. Granted I still play through and have fun (I often use this as a chance to try a new Battleborn instead of my main Toby), but other people might be trying to unlock that one character they really want to try.

Yup, private seems to be the only solution for now. I did manage to get a full squad a while ago then a squad of 3 then a 4…so I’m getting full squads in 10–15% of my games.

I really hope they are at least considering something to improve this abysmal quitting issue, even if it means locking these players to the match for as long as it is active.

Im guilty of this but for a weird reason. My and my GF duo alot and when we go to play multiplayer campaign sometimes the matchmaking finds one person and is like, oki doki here to go… and we’re kinda looking for a full group… Sometimes after a few mins the matchmaking thinks, hey you have two people off you go… for which we could of just gone private

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I hate this I had 3 matches in a row today we’re at the character select some dude quits so then everyone else does too. If I wanted to play solo I would lol

This is likely part of the problem, but I see many people quit after they get the map they voted on once they see people’s character selections. I would be okay with seperate queues for misions but this would only partially fix the problem while increasing queue times. Also, people would still be free to disconnect after character selections so this wouldn’t be a fix-all solution.

I’m not upset at people disconnecting when there are 3 or less in the squad. While the game can be played with any number of squadmates because of scaling, it was truly meant to be played with full squads including tank, dps and support characters. It’s just not anywhere near as fun with a squad of 2-3 since it greatly limits the number of successful combination of characters that could be used. It could still be done, but that squad synergy wouldn’t be there and it ruins the full experience the developers had intended for story mode.

I don’t think you really understand the issue.
You can’t pick what mission you want to farm or need to complete a silver or gold on for unlocks. Some missions you can only gold in multiplayer.

The reason you see people quit isn’t because of team, since any and all teams work. It because they wanted a different map. You have two options to quit. Close the program or vote on a map and load into character select then exit back to matchmaking.

It’s really gearbox fault, for such a bad system of matchmaking missions. Not the players. (Dosnt help that certain bosses have exclusive legendaries you want to farm )

Actually, I’m sure score is partially reflective on the number of characters. I’ve actually had negative score from people who got DCed or AFKed out of the match.

can other players join a match
that isn’t full after it’s started?

some missions (renegade, saboteur )
are very dfficult with three or less.

perhaps some players wouldn’t quit
if they knew back-up could come in and
help them?

I have already gone over the mission issue earlier in the thread if you go back a few posts when I replied to stingrayp226. It is part of the problem but it is selfish to quit just to farm one mission. You can find a group online on those websites to find groups to play with, especially when you are farming specific items. It would be much faster and wouldn’t screw tons of other players just so some selfish players can get an orange item or medal a little sooner.

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That and really, if you want to farm, play advanced. :V

Actually no, although I would be all for this at this point with how often people disconnect.

Normal hardcore seems more efficient for farming over advanced since it can take alot more time.

It’s game design flaw. You shouldn’t punish players for playing how they want to play. Unless it’s cheating.

Not alot of people have matching game times or want to go through joining groups just to play the game and do private matches for specific maps.

You don’t screw people over if they have to play a mission with less people as the game dynamically adjusts difficulty. You don’t even have to care about team composition.

They need to make it possible to que up for specific mission at normal or advanced while giving some incentive to do random matchmaking. I’m thinking it would be better to put in a karma system that the more random voted on games you play the better your rewards stack to incentive players.

If it is a game design flaw, then people are exploiting it to an extreme which is why we are even having this discussion. Regardless of whose at fault, you are missing the point. Even if specific public missions can be queued, it doesn’t stop people from disconnecting when they see an unfavorable squad composition. You say squad composition doesn’t matter, which isn’t entirely true, but people are quitting when they don’t see the support or tank or dps characters they prefer on their team. That is where more than half of my disconnects occur.

I get what you are saying but this has already been discussed earlier in the thread and it does not solve the problem.

I do apologise since I can not understand the team comp issue at all. You don’t need a tank, or healer in any story mission. If you need them then you are a really bad player.

In my experience since I mastered Miko/kleeses. Having heals makes players go crazy and take needless risks that get them killed over and over in a game.