PVE quitters should be penalized

Unfortunately people have preferences, and as annoying as it is, if the game allows them to back out they will.

But I am definitely encountering people dropping after Map selection on PVE and PVP, the most annoying I had was a PVE map with 5 players but two stayed back at the start and did nothing.

You will always have selfish players, or those will have little empathy for others, so the game itself needs to mitigate some of those issues. For PVE that would be choosing which level you want to do, at a specific difficulty.

It’s less of tanks/healers, and more of damage capability: having not enough ranged and/or AoE is often a liability in certain missions (notably Saboteur and The Algorithm requiring some ranged for smooth completion, along with melee and/or AoE for Void’s Edge and The Archive.)

Never seen these have any problems besides players rushing into a horde spawn then other people rushing in to res and chain dieing.

Brilliant idea! Like make it so that if a player quits more than 2 times a week, he gets a forced “Quitter” or “Jerk” or “Douche” title for a week!


Thanks for the laugh that would be rather comical too see someone with a quitter or douche title haha
Match them with others having the title so they could never get a game together because they would always quit on each other

Well, maybe Gearbox should let players match make according to the level they want instead of giving 3 random levels for 5 to vote on. That way, everyone is in the level they want or need to complete certain character and game unlocks.

I got into a story mode with 5 and then got to the character screen with just me. It happens often and I am having a difficult time remembering a full squad in a match. But I don’t get mad, it is a consequence of the game’s systems.

Instead of blaming those “90%” and their character, try considering situations which may cause this. Irrationally labeling everyone because you cannot get past “well, they quit” is not how to solve this problem.

Well when you play with as many randoms as I do, team comp comes into play more often then you would believe. Not everyone can be awesome like us :wink:

This…this is actually an awesome idea lol

Who said I was mad? Frustrated? Absolutely! Also my original post already states that yes things happen in life, but when I see a guy requeuing immediately after disconnecting (which means he declined the rejoin option) then I don’t believe that helps the battleborn community at all. Just so they can get an orange item or a medal a little sooner, which idk…sounds awfully selfish.

Why are you insinuating that I am this angry and irrational person because I find this quitting issue to be too common and it is killing the community. I have a couple of friends who already quit playing PVE unless I am on to run with them and the community isn’t massive to begin with so this is a horrible trend and likely will continue to drive players away.

So yes while I do have a serious problem with quitters and their excuses, no I do not believe I am being irrational or nor am I getting mad about it. This is a growing cancer that needs to be addressed soon by the developers.

Yet you set your argument into a dichotomy, that either players are disconnected, or they are acting a certain way which requires some type of label. Instead, look outside and identify the problem correctly instead of assuming it is just these players who rage quit. Insinuating you are angry, no. Irrational, yes. Irrational is making a decision without utilizing all the facts and circumstances you know. You are assuming, that a) it is 90% and b) all 90% who have quit, did so out of some malicious reason. And 25-45 minutes may not be much to you, that that is a significant amount of time to be playing this for others who have full time jobs, children, or any number of other things. The other reason you are irrational is your lack of consideration for others “excuses”. Your perceptions and beliefs bias your judgment and make you incapable of seeing other’s excuses as actually legitimate. Not everyone shares the exact same experiences as you do regarding this game, and not everyone thinks like you either.

You also have to add to that the amount of time it takes to match make. So, when someone is trying to unlock a character (at least 1 requires silver in all maps), skill, or something that they need that specific map for, an hour spent not achieving their goal is significant. So, expecting others to waste, quite possibly their only hour, just so others can play a level, may also be selfish. What really is the problem is the system that forces this type of behavior, not corrects it.

The developers need to address many issues within this game, but your solution, labeling those who quit as some unfavorable title to which results in punishment, is irrational without considering why people quit. Same with PvP. Irrationally labeling players who quit as “rage quitters” in attempts to shame people into changing their behavior is wrong. It also helps condition those with bad behavior, to which some people quit, to grow. Those with no consequences for sitting on the edge of a map sniping, or completely ignoring the rest of the team’s efforts by creating their own conflicting goals have a wonderful game to do so. So those who want to play the game mode the way it has been designed to be played as, but end up losing due to the same, selfish types, is also an issue.

And lets use this as an example. Last night, on PS4, all three in my group would get disconnected. We ended up having to wait about 30 minutes, and had to do the entire level all over again, just to be disconnected frequently again. But sometimes, we would get disconnected, then be able to jump back on a few minutes later. That was happening to many last night, and is not limited to just one night either.

What in the world. This is all originating from what you perceived to be a personal attack when I implied you are rage quitting on your thread about being allowed to quit in PVP. You immediately went on the defensive and started throwing veiled insults at me. I haven’t even bothered replying on your thread anymore because many other people have said the same thing, which is you are rage quitting.

You are so offended by those words yet you do nothing but try to justify it and call it something other than what it is. You need to let it go, I already apologized if you took offense to those words but now you’re legitimately just harassing and trolling me. Get off this thread if you have nothing to discuss other than your hurt feelings.

How is this perceived as a personal attack? What veiled insults? Offended? I don’t think I am the one wrongfully interpreting things here.

And if you apologized, I really did not see it, and will apologize myself. It sounded like you attempted to reduce people’s efforts to unlock to something trivial and selfish instead of considering it being a legitimate argument, along with other legitimate, or possibly legitimate issues.

If you took “irrational” as an insult, or anything else, it was not meant to sound or be any type of insult.

Okay now we’re talking here. We both came to this forum to discuss helpful changes for the battleborn community as a whole. We can definitely chalk this one up as a misunderstanding and miscommunication in general and move on as this isn’t helping either of our causes.

I honestly love this game and just want to see it survive longer than the division did with it’s mass exploits, glitches and hacks.

Best thing GBX can do is have a unique game Lobby matchmaker for PVE that allows people to form a group BEFORE selecting a Map so and then they select the map from all options once they are ready.

IE a small chat lobby where people can go LF2 more for XXX or YYY missions. You can even discuss what characters to use before jumping in.

That or allow people to join in mid game.

Clearly the matchmaking system is Battleborn’s biggest issue, and I think using the same system for PvP and PvE is just silly.

i disagree. i wouldn’t even call this an issue. you shouldn’t be penalized for any pve content grouped or not.normal is already really easy and with enemies scaling to how many players are ingame its not leaving you at a disadvantage if someone leaves. if you play casual expect players to leave. if you want a group then get friends otherwise expect people to have lives and things happen

This is a good idea, sort of like how warframe is. The mid game joining would be acceptable as well, although it would further encourage players to come and go as they please.

How would they handle the level/helix option for people joining mid game tho?
Would they get any shards? It seems simple but I’m sure it’s probably not

Sigh. I’m repeating myself so often. If you read my original post in it’s entirety or some of my earlier responses, you would know my issue is with people leaving only to immediately requeue and possibly repeating this process just to farm medals/items. Also, numerous people quit for ridiculous reasons like someone dying too early, not getting enough shards and basically anything that bothers them.

I have friends, but many are putting this game down and avoiding PVE altogether unless a whole squad of friends are on. Simply adding mission selection will not fix this either. Some sort of penalty should be implemented to discourage quitting on your team like some loss of experience or ranking, even if it is a minor penalty.

It is not the difficulty of the game when people quit either, it is just a lot more fun playing with a full group with more enemies spawning.

This also seems to be a much bigger problem after 2pm on weekdays and all weekend, so I have a strong feeling it is the younger crowd that is doing this the most.

I personally just had an issue where I got disconnected from the PVE durring the final fight with Redain. Was super pissed too because I went through all the work, finally finished Deande’s lore challenge, and I won’t see any exp, get that lore challenge, or any reward including the epic tier item I picked up because I couldn’t rejoin. Depending on how far they get, they might be getting punished enough.

Never had this problem… Maybe one or two quit, but in PvE it isn’t anything to threat about… I think people complain just for the sake it… The damage scales to how many in your team, and I would soon have someone leave as the game scales much better with 3-4 in a team than 5…

If they flag PvE quitters, then I will quit the game… I play for badges and challenges and if I don’t get what I’m after, I’m going for some other match…

PvP on the other hand, the only time I’ve quit was when I first started playing and I got pissed cause I couldn’t play the game correctly, and also last night because EE decided to do some midnight maintenance and cut my internet off, which was out of my control…

PvP should hold more severe penalties, PvE on the other hand should stay how it is… That should be a place to level and get challenges, test your characters and have a bit of button bashing fun…