PVE solo disconnect problems

This is getting frustrating. In the last 4 days i’ve only managed to play heliophage 3 times of 10 and none of the operations due to getting disconnected early on or at the boss. It’s always soooooo fun to waste time since none of the achievements count on a disconnect. Internet is good and this only happens in pve, pvp works like a charm. Support only told me to verify the cache (witch i did), like that would help on server side problems. And told me to check my nat, that is open as it should. This problem is really tearing down on the game experience and making a BIG stain on gearbox, the makers of my favorite games, the borderlands serier. And the funny part is this didn’t happen earlier, just started a few days ago. So what ever you did to your servers, FIX IT. If this continues, i can’t in good consciousness recommend this game to any of my friends.

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Same. I recorded a video in NVIDIA GeForce Experience. It’s bogus. keeps dcing 2 min in. I’ve only tried pve solo, since I’m grinding ops mission skins in Montana and the Demon Bear. Since no one has responded to the above in 7 hours, and it likely won’t be fixed this weekend, I’m super bummed. I got a weekend off and wanted to do some skin grinding. :’(


After some testing, I found it to be connected to the character I was playing: Deande. After a couple different levels with crashing, I realized it was her holotwin ability that was causing the server to crash. If I was in combat when using the left-side helix option ability, it would be fine, but if I was using holotwin as a boost to move faster through the level outside of combat, it would crash the server. I even played with another person to see, and sure enough it dced both of us, both on my lobby, and my friend’s.

tl;dr? something’s dead wrong with Deande for me, and it’s crashing every level I try to play with her. I’m considering going back in and taking the right side helix option which isn’t my favorite because it doesn’t have a dash, because maybe it’s just that helix option. shrug Will post results when completed.

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Did some more testing today, was able to play all the operations without dc until i tried Deande. If i use decoy the server crashes. And in ops 1 even without decoy the server crashes at the boss cut scene. Haven’t played any story missions now but in short, seems like everything works fine now as long as i don’t play Deande.

After more testing and playing i’ve noticed that i can’t play Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion with any char. Always get a disconnect at the boss cut scene. All other ops still work fine. According to support, after sharing network test data, it seems i can’t always access all of the 2k servers. This might cause the issue. Still doesn’t explain Deandes decoy problem.

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@acod - Have you submitted a support ticket by chance? If not, please do so when you get a chance. That would be a big help in letting the team investigate your specific situation!


Okay bro. thanks for responding.

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