PVE Survival Mode

If this is an old topic then I’m sorry. But does anyone else think an unlimited survival mode would be cool? I just want to huddle up with some buddies and see how long we can last in a PVE shitstorm that doesn’t stop scaling until you die. They could change enemies every 10 waves or so (from thrall to robots then to zombies or something) and maybe even throw in story bosses here and there. Maybe even introduce new mechanics like losing a level if you die. At the higher levels bosses could have attacks that “break” your gear (effects from gear are nullified for a period of time) or immunity to certain types of damage like DoT AoE or even skill damage all together.

The last Ops mission did it right in that one part, but I wanna see a whole mode deticated to horde survival. And battleborn is only officially a year old. I have seen other games implement stuff like this long after release. So I don’t think it’s too late.


Ok so looking through old posts I can see that this has been suggested before. ALOT.
I’m actually kinda upset. They have everything in the game already that they need (leveling, currency, different enemies for waves, buildables) and it still hasn’t been done yet. Gearbox, if you really care about this game and want it to make it to its second birthday, then it NEEDS a survival mode. This game is literally made for it. And if you’re gonna do it, then do it RIGHT. Don’t ■■■■ around and make it to where you make it to a certain stage and you win. It needs to be unlimited and it needs to scale. ■■■■ maybe even make it to where you can use shards (cause when everything is built and everybody has their gear they will be useless) to skip ahead stages to reach harder difficulties.
Take it and run Gearbox. People love survival. People also love this game, but that number is dwindling. What needs to be done is simple math at this point


Been suggested countless times, but that’s ok! I’m all for a survival/horde mode.


I’d love a horde mode and so would a bunch of people I know - some of the Battleborn vets on PC have actually moved on to play KF2 instead…

Only issue with that would be server timers, it’s not really a survival mode if it has a time limit - and I’d prefer, personally, an infinite horde mode. So far we have the limited time hordes down with defense points and Pheobe OPS. Maybe some day, if they happen to make PvE playable offline, they’ll look into a solo horde mode at least. Though one playable with friends (online) would be preferable, of course…


I’m sure the developers would add a lot of things if they had the proper funding. I remember seeing a post about stuff still happening in the future possibly, but that light seems to be fading away from me.


I would love this. When pushing to the extreme, how about a game mode as 10 battleborns against waves of hordes? Would be epic! :slight_smile:


If this next update adds the free trial or f2p stuff, with the help of a marketing boost… it could possibly generate enough favorable return/profit.


posting to show my solidarity! :slight_smile:


It has already been implemented. It’s in the area right before the boss battle in Phoebe’s DLC. If you take down all the shards but don’t step on the jump pad enemies will keep spawning until you either die (run out of extra lives) or step on the jump pad. At 100 OPs points it’s kinda bonkers because the enemies do sooo much damage.

It’s a ton of fun as Kelvin if you’ve been killing everything w/ chomp by the time you get to that room because he has sooo much health by that point he’s damn near unkillable. The next BB that can probably survive for a long time is Galli if you go in w/ a health regen build and helix options.


If only it got harder past level 10, and you open up new rooms and buy more traps!


If they wanted to keep it with the setting of the game, they could build a map of the Galactic Holo Arena, inside the Arcfleet (where El Dragon got his arms ripped off during his fight with ISIC). That would be a fun sight. They could also build some space wasteland-ish fighting pit, if they set a map in the Detritus Ring. The Jennerit fighting pits, where Caldarius may or may not have wreaked havoc in, for a Tempest map. Possibilities are endless.

Okay, okay, now I’m thinking ahead of myself. But, yeah, please GBX. Think about this for a future addition.


Usually I don’t care for that kind of gamemode. But I certainly can see how it has appeal to many people.

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Wow, that would make me play PvE in this game, for sure.