PvE Team Wanted. Searching for interested players

Hey guys,

I’ve been registering every detail from the PvE missions i do.
Stuff like, what gear drops, how is XP/credit per minute for each mission, how fast can you run it. Differences between advanced and normal with or without hardcore etc…

It would be even more fun with a team to play instead of the random people who die instantaneous. Mic is a must.

If you are interested in playing a lot of PvE missions on every sort of difficulty.
Add me to your friends list and we can team up.
GT: Tim JC Estrello

Online between:
GMT 08:00 to GMT 22:00 in weekends
GMT 19:00 to GMT 23:00 on week days

Cya on the playground!


ok imma add u…add me!
GT: Papito Panda